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Woman married to millionaire shares how much money she spends in a day living in Dubai

Woman married to millionaire shares how much money she spends in a day living in Dubai

The 'Original Dubai Housewife' drops over £60 on coffee alone in her daily life

A ‘nice’ coffee from the little shop down the road rather than the sad instant grounds in the cupboard is what many of us might consider an ‘occasional treat'.

But this young woman is living a life of luxury over in Dubai, spending over £60 on lattes. And I’m not talking per month, that’s how much she spends in one day.

Safe to say, Linda Andrade, who lives in Dubai with her millionaire husband, lives a very, very, luxurious life.

And those pricey lattes are just a small part of her daily spending, as she revealed how much she spends in a day on TikTok.

Linda ended up buying two Chanel bags in this video.

From getting her nails done to casually buying a Chanel bag, she teased in a caption: “Can you believe we don’t have a jacuzzi?”

The 23-year-old married Cryptocurrency trader Ricky Andrade at 19 after growing up in the US.

Calling herself the ‘Original Dubai Housewife’, she shared her day as ‘a millionaires wife’. And obviously, her day began with unboxing her ‘anti-depressant Chanel bag’ – a gold and shiny number worth £5,535.

That's one expensive coffee.

Linda then popped on her ‘diamond leggings’ to go for a lymphatic drainage massage costing her £395.

Needing a caffeine kick just like any of us, she got her ‘obsession’ coffee – a 24K Gold Coffee, duh. And splashed out £63 on that mug of hot liquid as ‘her breakfast’ which she claims is ‘budgeting’.

Then she headed to the salon for a ‘touch-up’ of her nails, with a ‘Princess manicure’ costing ‘only’ £395. Linda ‘budgeted’ on this too because she didn’t get ‘long nails’ – an economical queen.

The 23-year-old went to work out at the gym which costs £237 a month so her husband ‘doesn’t think I’m slacking off’.

After some exercise, she hired a car to take her around the mall costing another £158. She justified this though, don’t worry: “I just don’t want to walk, the mall is so big.”

Linda seems to live a life of luxury in Dubai.

And while Linda was out shopping, she ‘might as well’ buy another gold Chanel bag so picked one up for £5,535. Fair play.

No shopping trip is complete without food, so she got her ‘favourite’ caviar sushi for £95 before dropping £332 on a stock-up of her custom perfume.

Saying ‘nothing crazy’ happened that day, her chauffeur took her home.

She splashed out on sushi, too.

So yes, this quiet and calm day for Linda totals over a whopping £13,000.

But, although she is the wife of a millionaire, Linda’s an earner too. When she was 19 she had success with her medi-spa business, Flip Your Look.

The Baltimore Post Examiner reported that the 23-year-old launched her brand in Las Vegas and then franchised it around the US.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @lionlindaa

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