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You Can Now Buy A Device To Wash Muddy Dog Paws

You Can Now Buy A Device To Wash Muddy Dog Paws

This could save our sofas.

You can now buy a product to wash your pet's muddy paws - and it looks genius.

Shared on TikTok, the 'Pawpawer' by The Clean Animal is perfect for cleaning dirty paws - especially if they have a tendency to climb all over furniture and carpets...

You can see how the device works below:

We're so impressed. And others are loving the product, with one person commenting: "This looks amazing! I just bought it."

While another said: "Just ordered for me and my mum - this could be a game changer! Fingers crossed."

And a third added: "After our muddy paw walk today I have found your [TikTok] and just ordered! 🤞🤞🤞 I need this."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "I need one of these big enough for my Great Pyrenees lol."

A fifth added: "Just bought for my parents! Can’t wait to use it🥰."

And a sixth said: "I need one for my dog."

Meanwhile another called it a "life saver".

People are loving the product (
The Clean Animal)

The device comes in two different sizes - small and large - and three different colours, pink, grey and green.

The company explain: "Muddy rugs, sofas, sheets and floor? Then our Pawpawer is what you and your puppy need. It can be used for both dogs and cats and it's the solution to dirty paws.

"Soft, gentle and quality silicone for your puppy. It won't annoy your dog or cat while washing deep between the paws and removing all the dirt."

It's currently on a half price deal (
The Clean Animal)

The product ships all over the world and is priced at £20.86 (currently 50 per cent off) with free worldwide shipping. And it's been getting some impressive reviews online, with shoppers calling it 'amazing' and 'super easy'.

Sounds like this product could definitely save our carpets and sofas! You can read more about it, and snap it up, here.

Featured Image Credit: The Clean Animal

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