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Dad slammed for complaining wife is 'nagging' him for money while on maternity leave

Dad slammed for complaining wife is 'nagging' him for money while on maternity leave

A dad has been slammed for complaining that his wife is 'nagging' him for money.

A dad has been slammed online for complaining that his wife is 'nagging' him for money while she is on maternity leave.

The 'Am I the A**hole' subreddit is one of the most popular on Reddit, with many people taking to the social media platform to ask if they or someone they know are in the wrong.

And this latest one hasn't exactly divided opinion, as the internet well and truly believe that the dad is in the wrong.

A woman named Jessica - who is a friend of the couple's - took to the social media site to ask if she was in the wrong for calling dad Mark a 'deadbeat'.

The dad said that the mum has been 'nagging' him for money.
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The reason she gave for calling him a 'deadbeat' was that he contributes to the household finances well below what he actually earns.

When both the couple, Mark and Caitlyn, were working, they agreed to split the household bills 50/50.

But in recent months, Caitlyn went on maternity leave and her parental payments are just a fraction of what she was originally earning.

However, Jessica explained that despite Caitlyn now earning significantly less, he has stuck to the original agreement and claimed that Caitlyn is 'always nagging him and asking him for his money'.

She wrote: "He said he is afraid that she will start treating him like an ATM, but he won't let her.

"Caitlyn is taking care of four-month-old twins alone all day and Mark is only contributing financially the same amount as Caitlyn's maternity pay, despite making six times as much."

This is when Jessica called Mark a 'deadbeat', but despite the insult, he hasn't backed down and still believes he is in the right.

Mark has been following the same financial agreement from before they had a baby.
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Jessica said: "He said that the money is well enough for their family, and he will end up using the money he saved to buy a house.

"He ranted that he is building their future and don't I dare call him a deadbeat."

Hundreds of people took to the comment section to discuss who is in the wrong.

One person said: "I absolutely cannot understand these men."

A second added: "He would have to pay a lot more in child support if she leaves him. That’s exactly what she should do. She must feel so lonely in this relationship."

And a third said: "He's worse than a deadbeat. He's financially abusive."

A fourth remarked: "This sounds like financial abuse. If she is taking a pay cut to have his children, then in my opinion, they should both be splitting their paychecks and giving half to their partner."

Meanwhile, another added: "He's abusive both emotionally and financially. She needs to see this now so, if she decides not to stay, she can get him for a lot of support money."

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