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Woman shows genius curtain hack that blocks more sunlight

Woman shows genius curtain hack that blocks more sunlight

A curtain hack has gone viral on TikTok, showing people how to block out more sunlight when it creeps through

A woman has shared a genius curtain hack on TikTok to help block out sunlight.

Find out how to do it below:

While the sun is usually a very welcome presence in our lives – especially at this time of year, when winter hours mean we’re thrown into darkness for most of the day – there are admittedly times when you only want to curse the bright light as it comes streaming into your house.

There’s nothing more annoying than being rudely awoken from your lie-in as sunbeams pour into your bedroom, while a Sunday afternoon movie marathon can easily be ruined by the glare on the screen.

There's often a bit of light that creeps in.
ronstik/Alamy Stock Photo

But, as is often the case, TikTok has the answer, all thanks to a viral hack involving a pair of curtains – and no, we don’t just mean yanking them closed.

The nifty trick was originally posted by @ocwarrior19, whose video garnered more than 100,000 likes.

It basically addresses the fact that when we draw the curtains, we’re often left with an irritating little sliver at either side where the material ends.

Kourtney Nilsen (@kourtneynilsen) then stitched with the first clip with her own, writing: “I am bewildered, and it blocks more sunlight.”

It involves lifting the curtain rail off its hook and pulling the curtain across.

In the video, we see Nilsen reach up to her curtain rail, and lifting it up off the hook on the wall.

She then pulls the end of the curtain across so that it reaches just beyond the hook, before placing it back down again.

Hey presto! That little slice of light that has been bugging you for years is no more.

Many other TikTokers admitted their minds had been blown by the tip, with Nilsen’s video racking up 835,000 likes and thousands of comments.

“I’m reflecting back on the last 30 yrs of my life being bothered by that little sliver of light,” one said.

Another wrote: “I mean... It’s so simply how did I not... think of that...”

No more slivers of light creeping in.


Inevitably, there were a number of people who were baffled that others hadn’t known to do this before – but perhaps their smugness can at least serve as solid proof that the idea works.

“Wait, people really weren’t always doing this?” one asked.

Another said: “Been doing this, I thought everyone knew this.”


Featured Image Credit: @kourtneynilsen/TikTok

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