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Couple speechless after bakery filled cake with white icing instead of coloured frosting for gender reveal

Couple speechless after bakery filled cake with white icing instead of coloured frosting for gender reveal

A couple's gender reveal went completely wrong after a bakery mix up

A couple didn't get quite what they ordered for with their cake-cut gender reveal as when they cut into their cake, they discovered the baker had just put white icing inside instead of the coloured icing they'd asked for.

Alyssa Quintos and her husband, Christian, had been filming the gender reveal for their TikTok channel when they made the unexpected, but pretty hilarious, discovery:

The whole point of a gender reveal is for people to discover the gender of their expected child for the first time, which is often done through the colour of colour coding - pink for girls and blue for boys.

Pretty simple, right?

For Alyssa and Christian, from Missouri, US, they opted for a gender reveal cake - pink icing would have meant they were having a baby girl, while blue would have meant a baby boy.

But as they cut into the special cake with wine glasses, their intimate moment ended up leaving them speechless.

The moment they realise the error has been documented in a video which has gained more than 30 million views on TikTok.

Alyssa and Christian were speechless after a bakery mix up ruined their gender reveal.

Viewers see the moment that the couple's excitement turns to bewilderment as they cut into the cake, only to find that there is no colouring on the inside.

Alyssa's reaction was to laugh, while Christian commented: "I think they gave us the wrong cake."

No s**t!

After they ceased filming, Alyssa was in tears over the failed reveal and reached out to the bakery to explain the mix-up.

Thankfully, the bakery amended the mistake and sent the expecting parents a second cake.

Alyssa references the mix up in a second clip: "I swear to God if it's white this time I'm going to be so done."

Fortunately, the coloured icing had been added this time around and the pair learned that they were going to have a baby boy.

Reflecting on the incident, Alyssa said that she had no ill feelings towards the bakery.

The couple found they were having a boy on their second attempt at a gender reveal.

"It was just an honest mistake. They were so apologetic about it, they made it right, they made me a new cake as soon as they could the next day and they didn't charge me for it.

"I didn't get my money back for the first one, which I understand, but I also ate it because it tasted good."

Apparently, the mistake was down to a new employee at the bakery who wasn't sure how to add coloured fillings to cakes.

Alyssa and Christian have taken the incident in their stride, but many TikTok viewers were fuming on their behalf.

One person said: "That bakery did y'all so wrong."

Another user added: "I'd be livid," whilst another viewer wrote: "What's crazy is it's literally not about the cake. It's about the experience and they completely took that from you!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@alssa_quintos

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