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Couple shocked after being charged over £23,000 for Uber that should have been £40

Couple shocked after being charged over £23,000 for Uber that should have been £40

They received the shock of a lifetime when they booked an Uber in Costa Rica

One couple have been left well and truly flabbergasted after being charged over £23,000 for Uber that should have been £40.

The TikToker, Dominique, who regularly posts videos chronicling her 'crazy adventures and good vibes' was in for the shock of her life after being left with a hefty cabbie bill worth a fortune.

Dominique was on a trip in Costa Rica alongside her husband, Douglas Ordonez, when it all took went south leaving the couple with a 'negative balance' on their 'five year anniversary'.

Dominique and her husband Douglas received the shock of their life.

Douglas took to Twitter last week (29 June), writing: "Uber charged me $29,994 USD for a Uber ride in Costa Rica.

"They did not convert that into the Costa Rican currency $54 USD. Altura credit union allowed this charge to process and Uber is not complying.

"Now I’m in Guatemala with a negative balance on my 5 year anniversary." he claimed.

The official Uber Twitter account soon replied to his tweet, apologising: "Hey Douglas - so sorry about this situation!

"We have a specialised team looking into this and we'll be in touch asap."

Meanwhile, Dominique took to TikTok to address the incident.

Imagine seeing that on holiday.

The short clip is compiled with several screenshots of bank transactions, Uber communications and conversations with her bank, Altura Credit Union.

She captioned the clip: "Yes! @Uber charged me $29,994 for a single ride!"

She went on to explain that the 'correct conversion' should have been charged at $54 (£40) but was charged '600 percent more'.


Dominique also claimed that she'd contacted Uber who reportedly replied with a 'do not worry' message and failed to 'provide any further assistance'.

"I cannot find a customer service number anywhere," the caption went on. "They have ignored my messages & I have only received pre-generated messages."

She added: "Trying not to let this ruin the remainder of my trip, but…"

In a 'part two' video, Dominique explained: "Basically [the bank] told me that it was my fault because I put a travel notice on my card, and because of that the charge was able to bypass all of the security measures, all of the policies that were in place."

And in a 'part three' update, Dominique said to her followers that everything was finally sorted after 'going back and fourth with the bank for several days'.

She said: "All of a sudden the charge was fixed. The charge was reversed. I ended up getting all my money back."


A few days after the whole ordeal (2 July), Douglas also posted a follow-up tweet on the situation.

It reads: "$29K UPDATE. @AlturaCU and @Uber_Support are blaming each other. @AlturaCU stated that the 29k amount bypassed security & daily charge limit because we put a travel notice.

"ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why this amount should have cleared. After 4 full days the 29k was finally adjusted."

Tyla has reached out to Altura Credit Union and Ordonez and have attempted to contact Uber for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dominique.xo.xo

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