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Couple fuming after relative steals baby name for their dog

Couple fuming after relative steals baby name for their dog

The pair were not happy that their chosen name had been used for a puppy

One couple have been left 'disappointed' after their relative stole their baby name for their new dog.

After finally landing on the perfect name for their tot, the couple were not pleased when they found out that one of their family members had nabbed it first.

While admitting she wasn't trying to be 'too dramatic' about the ordeal, the woman opened up about how they were feeling about the 'leaked' info.

The couple were left 'disappointed' after their relative stole their chosen baby name for their new dog.
Lum3n / Pexels

She took to Reddit to share the news to the 'BabyBumps' thread, titling the qualm: "FML - close family member just named their new puppy with our baby name."

The mum-to-be continued: "I’ve seen stories like this but never thought I would be here."

The Reddit post went on to explain the ins and outs of the situation, outlining that the family member in question had opted for both 'the first and middle name' that she and her husband had picked out for their baby.

They even got the spelling 'exactly how [they] were planning'.

"We haven’t publicly announced the name," she continued, "the only people that we told are the grandparents."

The poster added that both her mum and mother-in-law are 'not known for an ability to keep secrets' even though 'it has been sworn up and down that the name was not leaked'.

The mum-to-be said that they hadn't announced the name yet.
Pexels/ Ivanna Havryliuk

"I am disappointed," she concluded, "but trying not to be too dramatic.

"That is why I am here and not texting family. At this point, I’m leaning towards just using it anyway. Neither of us owns the name…"

Since sharing the fiasco to the platform, her post has received hundreds of comments from people eager to share their opinion.

Some found the entire thing way too coincidental.

One Reddit user claimed: "Out of the millions of names in the world your family members named their dog using your chosen first AND middle name...?

"That is an astronomical coincidence."

"Agreed," a second replied, "it has to be intentional."

Someone said that the name choice seemed to be an 'astronomical coincidence'.
Matthias Zomer / Pexels

While a third alleged: "Someone snitched and is lying about it.

"That relative that stole your name is a hater. Watch your back. Sometimes we can’t clearly see family members for what they are."

Many of which, however, encouraged the woman to stick to her guns and not change the name.

One user posted: "This is obvious to you and your immediate family, but in the span of the baby’s life and all the people they’ll meet, almost no one will know this."

"Give your baby your chosen name!" advised a second, "every dog I’ve ever had has had his given name and then a half dozen nicknames ranging from diminutives to totally unrelated. It won’t be a big deal!"

And someone else added: "Eh it’s fine. The child will outlive a dog anyway and it will be a funny story in the end."

The woman then updated her post to say that she and her husband were 'still debating' names and, after finding out they were expecting twin girls, they found that their two chosen middle names 'sound good with either first name' so it would 'solve the problem'.

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