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Couple says they're happier than ever after man comes out as transgender

Couple says they're happier than ever after man comes out as transgender

The couple met on TikTok in 2021 before moving in together in Roswell, New Mexico, a year later

A New Mexico woman says she and her partner are ‘happier than ever’ after her other half came out as a transgender man eight months into their relationship.

When they initially met on TikTok in 2021, both Sierra Kai and Mitch James - who are 19 - identified as lesbian women.

Yet, Mitch began to question his identity four months after they moved in together in together in Roswell, New Mexico, in March 2022.

Having spent four months agonising about how to tell his other half, Mitch finally came out and the couple say ‘nothing has changed’ in their relationship.

Sierra Kai and Mitch James.

The retail worker has spoken openly about his decision, adding that he’d never considered his gender identity before meeting his long-term girlfriend.

"I was still trying to find myself and Sierra has always been so supportive of me,” he said.

However, Mitch knew he had to be true to himself and finally made the brave decision to tell Sierra whilst they were relaxing at home.

He said: "One day we were lying in bed and I just had a feeling like I've got to tell her.

"I told her I think I'm a guy and that was that.”

Mitch now identifies as a transgender man.

But despite being part of a queer couple, Mitch admitted that he’d been hesitant to come out – fearing it would end the relationship.

Mitch continued: "I wasn't really scared, I was just nervous. I didn't ever think she wouldn't support me, I just really wanted to make sure I was making the right choice."

Sierra instantly accepted her other half’s decision, although acknowledged that she’d initially struggled with the pronoun change, saying that it took her ‘a bit of time’.

In fact, Sierra was instrumental in Mitch’s transition and had helped him question his gender after noticing he preferred male presenting clothing.

The pair met on TikTok in 2021.

"It was interesting because when I first met his family they told me that Mitch would always cut his hair and dress like a boy, but Mitch wasn't ready to transition,” she said.

"He told me he'd never really thought about gender before because he's just always been told he was a girl."

The New Mexico-based model insists that their relationship has remained ‘mostly the same’ after Mitch came out.

Sierra said: "Nothing's really changed - it's almost connected us more because he had the courage to tell me and come out.

"He's more himself now as well and we never ever argue."

Since then, the couple have gone from strength to strength, and are now even more in love than when they first met.

The couple are now happier than ever and have gone from strength to strength.

Sierra has been doing her best to support Mitch through the tougher moments of his transition, trying to reinforce his new gender and cheer him up when he is ‘low’.

She has also defended her other half from internet trolls, who have targeted the couple on TikTok with hurtful comments and stating that they are ‘trying to get their 10 seconds of validation’.

Mitch said that Sierra has been key to remaining hopefully through his transition.

He said: "Sierra's support means everything to me. If I have a low day she knows my love language is physical touch, so she holds me or hugs me to help.

“She reminds me of good things about myself and that I'm handsome - it makes me love her 10 times more."

Words by Katherine Sidnell

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

Topics: Sex and Relationships, LGBTQ+