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Little girl who couldn't eat for years can finally celebrate Easter with her new favourite food

Little girl who couldn't eat for years can finally celebrate Easter with her new favourite food

She was over the moon with the treat

A little girl who couldn't eat for years will be finally celebrating her birthday on Easter Sunday by tucking into her all-time favourite food.

After ages of not being able to eat, the child can finally go all-out to celebrate the occasion in typical Easter fashion.

Taking no time to decide what she'd opt for, this little girl is over-the-moon to eat her go-to treat at long last.

The little girl can finally eat her favourite food just in time for Easter Sunday.

Poppy Nesbitt, who turns eight on Easter Sunday, was born with congenital esophageal structure (CES).

The condition, which causes the narrowing of her food pipe, made it impossible for her to eat most foods.

Due to her CES, she was only allowed to eat a limited selection of foods as they were the only things she could comfortably swallow.

Poppy has since undergone major surgery back in 2017 to widen her throat, and still has regular doctor visits to check up on her progress.

Following the life-changing surgery, Poppy is now finally able to dig into her favourite food for the first time in years.

Proud mum Helen Nesbitt, 46, said: "Before she had the big surgery all she could have was yoghurt, ice cream, melting crisps and some finely grated cheese - but now, she eats so much."

Helen explained that her little girl is now making up for lost time and eating all her most-loved foods once again.

"Most of all she loves chocolate."

"She's got such an opinion on what she likes," the mum revealed, "she loves a roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings, pizza, pasta."

But, it seems that there's one food in particular that Poppy loves above all else.

Helen said: "Most of all she loves chocolate," and it's good timing as this year, the 'chocolate connoisseur' can finally dig into all the choccy Easter eggs she wants.

Easter Sunday is a 'double celebration' for Poppy as her birthday on Sunday (9 April) and her newfound love of chocolate.

"It has to be Cadbury's though," the mum went on, "she doesn't like cheap novelty chocolate and she can tell straight away."

Poppy's go-to Cadbury's bar is the fruit and nut variety which is 'unusual for an eight-year-old' according to Helen.

The girl's favourite sweet treat is the fruit and nut Cadbury's bar.

Helen continued: "She loves Easter because she knows it's her birthday coming up and she also gets lots of chocolate and Easter eggs.

"There was once a time she wasn't able to eat more than a few small crumbs of her birthday cake, but now she can have all the chocolate she wants."

After not being able to eat for 'so long', Poppy now 'lives a normal life and isn't majorly impacted'.

Helen said it was 'such a delight' that her little girl can finally eat again.

"She's really excited for her birthday," she added, "to have lots of treats to herself rather than watching everyone else enjoy her cake."

The proud mum concluded: "It is something that is taken for granted until you can't."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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