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Man wins Christmas with cling-film wrap tree hack so it's ready for next year

Man wins Christmas with cling-film wrap tree hack so it's ready for next year

Would you try this?

Putting the Christmas decorations up is often something to look forward to.

But one man who was looking to save himself time next year, came up with a hilarious trick while taking down his tree - although the internet is divided.

Over on Twitter, the man explained he used the idea last year and will do so again this year.

"Wrapped my tree in cling film like this last year, this year it took seconds to open it with a knife and as I kept all the decorations on it I didn't have to spend ages decorating it, will definitely be doing that again," he tweeted.

He also shared a photo of a similar wrapped tree, and it looks pretty secure.

"It's a game changer, my sister was going on about how long it took her to do hers in between trying to find her decorations from last year when I told her mines only took a few seconds she went in a huff because I didn't tell her about this," he added.

One man came up with an easy way to put up his tree.
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It seems other social media users are also looking for a quick fix for taking down their decs, with hundreds of comments on the post.

One wrote: "It's the only way to go, mine goes in the spare room like this every year."

And another said: "Can't believe I have never through of this. I literally shrink wrap stuff every day."

The man explained that all he had to do once he had unwrapped his tree was straighten out a few branches to keep it looking its best.

But not everyone was convinced, with some saying it 'wasn't the same'.

"It's not the same though... Digging it out, dressing it up like no time before and feeling like Christmas is coming," one wrote.

And another said: "Surely decorating the tree is half the fun?"

Earlier this month, we told you how people had been using 'pop up trees' which essentially decorate themselves.

The TikToker called it a game changer.

One couple on TikTok were criticised for 'taking the fun out of Christmas' after sharing theirs online.

The tree shimmies down a stand fully decorated and ready to go, before stopping a few inches from the floor. It lights up thanks to already placed fairy lights which connect to the nearby power socket.

It looks like any other, filled with sparkly baubles, lights and fake snow, with TikToker, @bazza1602, describing the creation as a 'gamechanger'.

You can watch a clip of the tree here.

Featured Image Credit: Simon Dack/Alamy/Twitter

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