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Woman shocked after discovering 'actual value' of her £1,080 Cartier Love Ring

Woman shocked after discovering 'actual value' of her £1,080 Cartier Love Ring

A jewellery-loving TikToker's jaw was left on the floor after the discovery

A jewellery-loving TikToker's jaw was left on the floor when she discovered that her Cartier ring allegedly cost a hell of a lot more than what it was worth in gold.

Savannah Mukeshi had begged her boyfriend to snag her a £1,080 Love Wedding Band for her 28th birthday last year, leaving her mum 'going beserk'.

Apparently having a keen eye for gold, Savannah's mum insisted on picking up something 'worth its weight in gold' for her daughter's 29th.

Video footage uploaded on November 20 shows the group heading to an Indian jewellers in London, where Savannah picked herself up a new ring.

Savannah Mukeshi headed to a Jewellers in London, where she had her Cartier ring weighed.

While in the store, Savannah decided to get her Cartier wedding band weighed, only to learn the astonishing news.

The ring, which weighs 3.4 grams, apparently only had a gold value of £115 meaning the TikToker's devoted boyfriend had splashed nearly ten times as much to get it onto her finger.

The Jeweller estimated that the gold value of Savannah's ring was £115 - when her boyfriend had spent £1,080 on it.

Despite the surprise, Savannah insists that she still loves her ring and even has her heart set on securing a bracelet from the fine jeweller.

However, a jewellery expert gave a different perspective on the ring's price.

Speaking to MailOnline, James Constantinou said: "When you put the stamp Cartier onto something, it’s more to do with the brand and nothing to do with the weight of the gold or the jewels within it.

"This shop is merely weighing the gold value without a proper understanding of leading brand names which have much more value in the secondary market. They are weighing a Cartier ring in the same way as any other gold ring.

"The same would apply for other leading brands such as Tiffany, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels where you pay for craftmanship and brand name. Ignoring the weight, the quality is far more superior from these leading brands."

Savannah Mukeshi had her Cartier Love Wedding Band examined whilst visiting the London based jewellers.

The video, which has racked up more than one million views, drew in a variety of responses from bling lovers.

One user wrote: "Your man bought you a Cartier love ring and mine won't even buy me a Starbucks."

Another commented: "If I'm not buying gold in Dubai or from East London Indian gold shops, I'm not interested."

Another user applauded Savannah's boyfriend for delivering the goods: "I love that you knew that you wanted the ring and had the confidence to ask for it!!!! And I love that he actually bought it."

Other commenters begged Savannah to reveal the location of the jewellers she visited, as they claimed to be on the lookout for gold.

Tyla has contacted Cartier for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @confusedindiangirl/TikTok

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