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You Can Now Purchase ‘Buy The Bride A Drink’ Shirts For Your Hen Do

You Can Now Purchase ‘Buy The Bride A Drink’ Shirts For Your Hen Do

The internet is divided over the tees!

Someone has created 'buy the bride a drink' t-shirts for hen dos - and people are divided.

The hilarious tees feature a 'buy the bride a drink' PayPal and Venmo QR code so people can scan and donate to the bride to be. See for yourself!

The t-shirts were shared on Reddit (

The t-shirts were posted on Reddit, with the caption: "I think this is a little too far. Now Venmo and PayPal QR codes on a shirt to 'Buy the Bride a Drink'."

And others were divided, with a number of users believing the shirts are a bit tacky.

One wrote: "I keep seeing this, either shirts like this, or wristbands, even on car windows with a Venmo handle. It's all very tacky imo."

While another said: "I would’ve spammed those codes with payment requests."

And one added: "If anyone in my party got this for my Bach I’m just gonna make them wear it for me and give me the drinks lol."

What do you think - would you wear one of these on a hen do?

Would you wear a 'buy the bride a drink' tee on a hen do? (

In other wedding news, Aldi has released a special body bumper - and it's perfect for hen dos.

Aldi’s latest Specialbuy is the Crane Body Bumper – an inflatable, wearable ball for you to have the ultimate battles. The product is available online now as well as in stores so make sure to take a trip down that iconic Specialbuys aisle.

And they’re only £14.99!

We also told you about the moment one bride was left fuming after her wedding photographer accidentally called by her husband's ex girlfriend's name.

The body bumpers are available online at Aldi (

The short clip sees the photographer asking the happy newlyweds Corey and Kaitlyn to exchange loving gazes, while the bridesmaids and groomsmen stand by their sides.

However, she called the couple Corey and Taylor - with the latter being the name of Corey's ex-girlfriend. Uh-oh.

You can watch the mortifying video here.

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