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You can now buy cheese-infused vodka and gin just in time for Christmas

You can now buy cheese-infused vodka and gin just in time for Christmas

Of all the Christmas gifts you can buy this year, cheese-infused alcohol is certainly one of them.

There are lots of things you might consider as an appropriate stocking stuffer this Christmas, though many of you will probably be contemplating gifting at least one big bottle of something alcoholic.

This new collection of drinks comes from Derbyshire's Cuckoostone Distillery, who've teamed up with the Hartington Creamery (the smallest stilton maker in the world) to make cheese-infused vodka and gin.

As disgusting as it may sound, people like buying all sorts of concoctions when it comes to gin and vodka, so it stands to reason that they might want to give a cheese-infused bottle of something a try this Christmas.

Gins and vodkas come in all shapes and sizes, from fruity blends to colour changing tipples, through to sweet gins and even special Christmas themed infusions of the stuff.

There's even alcohol free gin for people who want to taste the spirit but have none of the drunkenness.

The market is so popular that you can drink your special vodka while in the comfort of an adults only soft play centre, a bit like the place you probably had an early birthday only with all the sugar rushed children replaced by smashed grown ups.

There's gin, dry gin, pink gin and vodka all infused with cheese, though apparently it doesn't change the taste.
Hartinton Creamery Estate

Anyway, back on the topic of cheesy alcohol, the collaboration between distillery and creamery has produced cheese-infused vodka, along with gin, dry gin and pink gin all infused with the whey used to make stilton.

As for the big question of how cheesy it tastes, according to the Cuckoostone Distillery it really doesn't at all, which sort of begs the question why make cheese-infused gin and vodka if it's not going to taste of cheese.

Bec Morgan explained that the whey from cheesemaking changed the way the gin and vodka felt in the mouth rather than making it taste of cheese on your tongue.

She said: "The distillate produces a delicate creaminess, which improves the mouthfeel of both gin and vodka while providing a unique and unforgettable element to the spirit.

"At Cuckoostone Craft Distillery, fresh whey is regarded as a botanical, just like juniper or fennel as it enhances the flavour."

"The spirits can be used to create a plethora of cocktails, and would work especially well in 'savoury' ones, such as a Bloody Mary and a Fennel Gimlet, thanks to the unique blend of ingredients."

This is what your gin and vodka has been missing all these years.
tony french / Alamy Stock Photo

A 70cl bottle of the stuff will normally cost you £39, though as the festive season approaches it might be handy to see what sort of deals you can get.

Then again, everyone knows the real best Christmas gift you can get is a really good pair of socks.

It's true, as a kid you might have hated getting a pack of boring old socks in your Christmas stocking but these days they're something you'll get plenty of use out of and the sort of thing where your family will probably treat you.

Featured Image Credit: TinaG / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo Hartington Creamery Estate

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