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Aldi Launches New Festive Shimmery Gin Range

Aldi Launches New Festive Shimmery Gin Range

It really is the season to be jolly.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

We're all for filling up our glasses with some festive tipple right now, and Aldi are promising to get us into the Christmas spirit...literally.

The supermarket chain has now released two brand new gins, just in time for Yuletide (and lockdown, if you're so inclined).

The first gin on offer is an icy blueberry gin liqueur. The lovingly distilled beverage, which is only made in small batches, combines the herbaceous sweet flavours of juicy blueberries and a delicate hints of aromatic, fresh peppermint.

The Icy Blueberry liqueur is perfect for cold nights (

It's best drank neat and cold, if you so choose, or on the rocks with a fizzy tonic.

The other new gin from Aldi is similarly exciting - also from the Infusions range, the Northern Lights drink is made up of rich flavours of juicy dark fruits, with sweet and tart cranberry to give the bevvy a Christmas edge.

The winter berry blast is topped off with the distinct flavours of sloe berry and juniper, and is best served with Prosecco as its fizzy mixer, or with ice, tonic and berries as a garnish.

The Northern Lights gin features fruity undertones (

Both priced at just £9.99 a bottle, it's the perfect time to stock up ahead of the Christmas rush.

Aldi is well-loved for its extensive gin section, which sells a myriad of exotically flavoured beverages.

Raspberry and watermelon, bitter orange and summer trifle are just some of the other gins available to purchase.

In other boozy news, Aldi is also the first supermarket to have Prosecco Rosé on their shelves - and it comes at an absolute bargain.

The gins are best served on ice (

Having been available to buy from the start of this week, shoppers have been raving about this beautiful blush bottle of bubbles, which is priced at just £6.49 - and totally worth it.

The store really is going all out for Christmas, selling bougie lobster tails, scallop gratins and sloe gin mince tarts.

Go on then, pass us a plate.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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