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Boy gives little brother hair and eyebrows with pen so he's 'not left out'

Boy gives little brother hair and eyebrows with pen so he's 'not left out'

He gave his baby brother some strong brows and a combover

A concerned youngster who was worried about his baby brother being the odd one out due to his lack of hair gave him a rather unusual marker makeover. Well, his heart was in the right place, eh?

Mum McKenzie Poland was vacuuming and turned her back on Kason for just a few moments while he sat on the sofa with his seven-month-old brother Jude.

But as any mum can tell you, those few moments were long enough for Kason to get up to mischief and he’d managed to grab an orange chalk marker to give little Jude some strong eyebrows and an adorable combover.

The 27-year-old mum-of-three was able to quickly dispense with the bold brows but Jude had to sport his ginger combover for a few days to avoid hurting his ‘soft spot’.

After seeing Kason’s handiwork, McKenzie did what any good parent would do - whipped out the camera and got some snaps to look back on in the future.

McKenzie, from Roy City, in Florida, US, said: "I just started laughing. I was taken off guard.

Kason got crafty with a chalk marker to give his baby brother a new look.
Kennedy News and Media

"He looked like a little old man. The pen was an orange colour so it made him like a little ginger.

"They're actually hair chalk markers and my daughter had gotten them for her birthday.

"I did my son's hair and I was vacuuming. I was literally right there.

"He was playing with his little brother and when I turned around, he was colouring his head.

"I said, 'What did you do?' He replied, 'He has no hair' - so he coloured in some hair and eyebrows.

"It stained his head a little bit. I didn't want to scrub too hard because of his little soft spot.

"He had some orange residue for a few days. Kason wanted to give Jude some hair.

Looking good Jude!
Kennedy News and Media

"I tried to tell him 'we don't do that'. Kason asked if he was in trouble and I said he wasn't as long as he didn't do it again.

"When I showed it to my husband, I walked outside and brought Jude. He started laughing and asked who did it."

Although McKenzie and her husband Jonas, 27, found Jude’s makeover hilarious - it has made the mum vow to never buy light-coloured furniture just in case crafty Kason decides to get creative again.

McKenzie said: "This is the reason we got a navy couch. I'd love a white one but I know better.

"I'm very big on recording everything and I want to make memories."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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