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There's a Tinder for baby names where you and your partner can match on the ones you like

There's a Tinder for baby names where you and your partner can match on the ones you like

The Kinder app was launched in 2018

Choosing the right name for your baby is not as easy as it may sound, especially when you have to take into account the names picked out by your partner, parents and in-laws.

Then you might want to avoid a name chosen by loved ones who have had their own babies recently, or you might turn to parenting forums, lists or even celebrities for inspiration.

There's an app to help you choose the perfect baby name.
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To help parents-to-be settle on a name they both love, there’s an app that works just like Tinder but instead of swiping on singletons, you and your partner swipe on names.

You and your partner, if you have one, can create an account and ‘match’ on names you both like.

The app launched in 2018 and best on reviews from parents who have used it, not only is it fun but it also helps alleviate some of the stress in choosing the best moniker.

When you download the Kinder app – which has no relation to the chocolate in case you were wondering – users are asked to enter the surname of your future baby.

Once completed, you can invite your partner to join in the fun so you can both search for an name you both agree on.

The app lets you and your partner swipe on baby names.
Kinder/App Store

Users are then shown a name to swipe right if it ‘sounds good!’ or you can swipe left if that particular name is ‘Nah’.

The names are then recorded into a ‘likes’ or ‘dislikes’ list for you and your partner to review.

You will also find a ‘matches’ area, where you can view the names you both like and start narrowing it down until the perfect name has been found.

There are so many ways you can customise the names shown to you on the app, from filtering names that start with a specific letter or a certain length.

Names are available from over 80 languages and according the app’s description on the App Store, there are over 18,000 names in its library.

You’re literally spoilt for choice.

You can see which names you both swiped on.
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You can even add custom name which will appear in your partner’s suggestions.

Although the app has been around for a little while, some people are only just discovering it.

A Twitter user had the utmost praise for the app, writing: “Last night I learnt from a pregnant pal that there is a Tinder for baby names, called (and I'm SO glad I asked) Kinder. You and your partner, if you have one, both set up an account and then you 'match' on the names you both like. Genius.”

One woman replied: “That’s such a great idea!”

While a third shared: “It instigates the conversation which is good, but then we both say, oh did I pick that one not sure now. Picking names is hard.”

A fourth joked about what she initially thought the app was for. “…I spent a solid ten seconds thinking ‘wow, naming your future kids is an insane way to choose a partner’ before my brain clunked out of neutral,” she said.

One mum who used the app shared: “Haha we used this (or one just like it) for our second kid. We only had ONE match after thousands of swipes! (And yes, child is called that One Name) (and also, yes, we did this in conjunction with talking to each other and pitching suggestions the old fashioned way).”

Time to get swiping!

Kinder is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Featured Image Credit: bigtunaonline / Tetra Images, LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

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