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Mum who named her baby after the Coronavirus lockdown says she has 'no regrets'

Mum who named her baby after the Coronavirus lockdown says she has 'no regrets'

Jodi and Rob found out they were expecting during the second coronavirus lockdown

A mum who decided to name her baby after the coronavirus pandemic says she has 'no regrets' over her choice.

Jodi Cross, 36, from Bedfordshire, found out she was expecting a baby in 2021, during the second covid-19 lockdown. She and husband Rob, also 36, had been trying to start a family for a year, and on 28 November, they welcomed their baby girl, born at 5:28am, weighing 5lbs 2oz.

"We had been trying for a year to get pregnant and lockdown meant I was furloughed and Rob was working less," says Jodi.

"I think we just relaxed a bit because we had so much more time than we normally would, and then we found out I was pregnant.

"When she was born there was the new strain of covid coming about - Omicron - so we knew she'd be a lockdown baby."

After having their lockdown baby, the couple decided they wanted to name their daughter after the pandemic.

Jodi, who works a hairdresser, credited lockdown as the reason they finally were able to get pregnant - because they had more time to try for a baby.

She said it was a 'really good time' in their lives despite the pandemic, which is why the couple have 'no regrets' over their name choice.

Jodi says she has no regrets over the name choice.

"So we named her Lockie for lockdown - we really liked the name, and lockdown was a good time in our lives because it was so relaxing," Jodi adds.

"People might not like the name, but I don't care what they think."

Jodi and Rob - who were in the same class at school - met up via Tinder in November 2019, and quickly started dating.

She explained at the time the pandemic started, they were living separately, so Rob - who has one child from a previous relationship - moved into her flat with her.

"I ended up taking over a little salon during lockdown because I had been on furlough a long time," Jodi explains.

"By this point we had been trying for a year and thought pregnancy wasn't going to happen so started to focus on work instead.

"A week later I found out I was pregnant. We know lots of people didn't enjoy lockdown but for us, it was a good time.

"We actually had the best time in lockdown. With both of us being home, we had no worries and found it really relaxing.

"We named her after a good time, not a bad one."

Jodi and Rob - who were in the same class at school - met up via Tinder in November 2019.

Jodi also explained that while 'Lockie' was based on lockdown, there also were several coincidences leading up to her birth where the word kept appearing again and again.

"There was a girl who came into the salon whose surname was Lockey at the time we were considering names - and then we got married in Gretna Green in Scotland, where there are lots of locks," she says.

"The primary reason was definitely lockdown, but the name just felt right."

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