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Mum defends calling baby after Disney princess and says trolls should stay quiet

Mum defends calling baby after Disney princess and says trolls should stay quiet

As Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury make headlines for the name of their newborn, a mum has defended calling her baby after a Disney princess.

A mum who named her daughter after a Disney princess has defended Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury after they also drew inspiration from a Disney classic.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you may have noticed the attention Molly-Mae and Tommy have been getting since they announced they have called their newborn Bambi.

The unique name came in for some flack online, with one Twitter user writing: "Did not expect Molly-Mae to name her child Bambi... oh deer."

A second wrote: "Molly-Mae is the prime example of, 'Remember you are naming an adult human not a baby,' like poor Bambi is gunna have to go to Starbucks or into an interview or apply for a mortgage one day with that name."

Now, another mum who named her daughter after a Disney character has leapt to Molly-Mae's defence.

Tashana Gray called her daughter Tiana after the princess in The Princess and the Frog.

Tashana Gray, 27, picked Tiana as the name for her now 10-month-old daughter - the name of the princess in The Princess and the Frog.

The former dementia care worker chose the name after watching the classic Disney film while she was pregnant.

Gray said that she picked the name because both she and her daughter are mixed raced, and as Tiana was Disney's first Black princess, the mum thought it was a great fit.

She said: "Because my dad is African-American I always loved The Princess and the Frog because she was the first Black Disney princess.

"It's a part of my culture and I really loved that and so did Tiana's dad, who's also half Jamaican."

The mum continued: "Tiana is such a funny little character already.

"She loves all things Disney but especially Princess and the Frog.

"She's definitely growing into the name - she has the same big brown eyes that Tiana has and her the same kind, joyful character."

Mum says that baby is 'growing into the name'.

Speaking about Molly-Mae's newborn, saying that she 'absolutely loves' Bambi as a name.

The mum said: "I think if people have negative things to say about it they should stay hush hush.

"At the end of the day, it's up to them what to name their child."

In fact, Gray has even said that more people should think about naming their children after famous Disney characters.

Tashana Gray has hit back at trolls attacking Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury after the couple named their newborn Bambi.

"I absolutely love Molly-Mae's baby name. I think it's so unique and I haven't heard of any other baby named Bambi," Gray said.

"Everyone that's heard Tiana's name has loved it. All our family are big fans because they like how the film and her character means something to our family.

"Surprisingly, people know where the name's from straight away.

"As soon as I tell them her name at play groups people immediately say 'oh, from Princess and the Frog?'

"I've never come across someone who says they don't like Tiana's name, but I feel for Molly-Mae when I see people leaving nasty comments about her daughter's name.

"I think it's nice there's a reason she's got that name - she's like our own little Disney Princess."

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