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Woman Captures Baby Bump Moving In Amazing Footage

Woman Captures Baby Bump Moving In Amazing Footage


A woman has captured her baby bump moving - and the footage is incredible.

Chelsea - who goes by the name of @thelactationmom on TikTok - shared a video of her baby moving from inside the uterus, and followers were amazed.

You can watch the clip below:

In the clip, the bump can be seen moving up and down as the little one kicked. "Got my belly like an ocean," Chelsea wrote.

And other followers were stunned, with one writing: "How many weeks are you? I'm 31 weeks and my baby hasn't been this crazy yet. She moves a lot and it's so cool but not intense looking like this, yet."

Replying to the follower's comment, Chelsea added: "I’m 33 weeks but he’s been this crazy the whole time! I started feeling him move around 18 weeks or so and he’s been a mover for the most of it!"

The footage is incredible (

Earlier this week, we told you about the mum of triplets who shocked her followers after showing off her unusually-shaped baby bump.

Michella Meier Morsi had been documenting her progress while carrying triplets when people started to notice that her baby belly was particularly long.

The Danish mum quickly racked up a whopping 260,000 followers on Instagram, who admitted they were "speechless".

Before she gave birth to triplets Charles, Theodore and Gabriel, Michella confessed that she was struggling with "extreme pain" as a result of the baby bump that grew "straight out" rather than "up and down."

You can read more on Michella's story here.

Michella is a mum of triplets (

In other parenting news, we showed you the incredible video that shows you how a woman's cervix dilates during labour.

The TikTok clip has caught the attention of many for demonstrating how much the cervix can stretch in the stages of labour to let a little one's head through.

You can watch it here.

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