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Mum sparks debate after sharing 'aggressive' note left on her car over 'blocking' a driveway

Mum sparks debate after sharing 'aggressive' note left on her car over 'blocking' a driveway

The Aussie mother was subjected to a nasty note

There's nothing worse that witnessing a terrible parking job.

Whether it's someone in the Tesco car park edging way over the bay's white lines so it's IMPOSSIBLE to saddle in next to them, or someone taking up the disabled spots with no right to use them, it can be infuriating!

This week, however, one mother in Australia has sparked a heated online debate after she landed herself a rather 'aggressive' note on her car for a questionable parking job.

Unusually, however, the discussion wasn't over whether the overly-assertive note was too severe.

In fact, the debate is whether the note is warranted at all, after some social media users defended her parking, claiming she'd done nothing wrong.

The anonymous mum in question had parked her vehicle close to a drive way, returning to her car to discover a note left on the windshield by the disgruntled property owner.

She shared the note on a local Melbourne mum's Facebook group, along with a snap of her parking job, asking her followers their verdict.

Do you think she'd badly parked?

Though she'd left her vehicle extremely close to the drive, her bumper was in no way obscuring the home-owner's passage.

"Was I blocking this driveway?" she asked, going on to show off the harsh note, which read, "Next time you block our driveway, I will deflate all your tyres."

Within minutes, comments began flooding in, with thousands of fellow drivers insisting that though she hadn't totally obstructed the path, she definitely crossed a line.

"Technically no but you’re definitely too close. Could make it difficult for them to get out being right up to the edge of it like that," one reasoned.

Another went on: "Technically no but still a d*ck place to park. Can guarantee in my long car I would struggle to miss hitting this and let's not forget about the blind spot you're causing."

The aggressive note was left on the windshield.

A third hit out: "You’re not blocking but you’re definitely obstructing. It's a fine line."

Others, however, took the opportunity to hit out at the home-owner for her overly-violent note.

"Wouldn’t deflating all your tyres make it more difficult for this person because your car would be there permanently? People are so entitled," one follower suggested.

Another defended her, however, by noting: "You didn’t do anything wrong. Aggressive much? This person was clearly having a bad day."

"Yes you're too close but gee whiz, someone needs to take a chill pill," a fellow mum went on.

What do you reckon? Too close or too aggressive?

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