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The Weird But Ingenious Reason Everyone’s Putting Teabags In Their Shoes

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The Weird But Ingenious Reason Everyone’s Putting Teabags In Their Shoes

Lynset 'Queen of Clean' Crombie is back with another life-changing (albeit bonkers) cleaning hack that's guaranteed to make your summer a whole lot fresher.

The blogger's nifty solutions to every day household problems have earned her a book deal, a following of almost 150,000 plus plenty of TV slots, but her latest invention has really got tongues wagging.

Lynsey's weapon of choice when it comes to combatting smelly summertime shoes? Teabags.

That's right. Putting teabags in your shoes really can rid them of bad odours. Allow us to explain...


This week Lynsey posted a picture of teabags next to some sunshine-yellow trainers on her Instagram, along with some helpful instructions:

"An oldie but a goodie today especially as the weather is heating up and there is nothing worse than smelly shoes.

Pop a few tea bags inside your smelly shoes to fight off bad odours that are caused by heat and bacteria.


Leave to sit over night in a warm, dry place. The longer you leave the better.

Any tea bags will work - even the minty herbal ones. Tea bags are super absorbent and will suck the moisture and smell right out.

To save waste make sure you reuse the ones from your shoes for other household tasks. Tea bags actually have lots of uses from cleaning marks off windows and mirrors to fertilising your plants."


But does the hack actually work? If the comment section on Lynsey's picture is anything to go by, that's a yes.

One user wrote: "We swear by this in our house! Such a great tip."

While another gleefully exclaimed: "Thanks so much! You've saved me from my hubby's stinky sports shoes."

Lynsey told Pretty52 that the nifty trick was passed down to her by her nan: "The tea bag tip came from my lovely nan who still uses it to this day - some of my favourite hacks have been past on to me from older generations."



Teabags: Not just for making a nice cuppa with. Also for sucking up all the moisture in your sweaty summer shoes. Lovely.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

Aisha Nozari
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