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Woman issues urgent warning not to approach if you see abandoned pram on side of road

Woman issues urgent warning not to approach if you see abandoned pram on side of road

The sight could be a red flag of something more menacing

A concerned woman has encouraged people to be wary if you ever come across an abandoned pram or unusual situation relating to a child when you're out by yourself.

I'd like to think most people would be confused or concerned to see a pram, carrier or any other kind of baby-related equipment seemingly abandoned, and if it's not immediately clear that it's empty, you might be inclined to investigate.

It's natural that you'd want to make sure there weren't any children involved in the situation, but in doing so you might be putting yourself in danger.

Estate agent Nancy Walsh highlighted the kind of scene that might be a red flag to people out by themselves as she shared images of an abandoned stroller at the side of a country road.

Walsh's car seemed to be the only one in the area, and her headlights lit up the pram that was facing away from the direction she was travelling - meaning she couldn't tell whether there was anything inside.

The stroller was parked on a grass verge just off the road, which was bordered on one side by big trees.

Coming across an abandoned pram is an unusual sight.
Facebook/Nancy Walsh with Jeff Cook Real Estate

After coming across the unusual scene, Walsh stopped her car to take pictures which she later shared on Facebook, writing: "If you see a stroller, car seat, or any type of baby situation alone in the middle of nowhere please, I repeat don't get out. Be safe!"

In a comment under the post, she added: "Never get out. Always call 911 and let local authorities investigate."

Walsh's concern seemed to stem from the idea that the scene could actually be some sort of trap, designed to get someone to leave their vehicle and make them more vulnerable to someone who might have set it up.

Though some commenters argued that members of the public often leave car seats or prams abandoned because they 'don't want to have to throw them out themselves', other people who came across Walsh's post shared in the concern that it could be a sign of something more sinister.

The pram may have been abandoned on purpose.
Facebook/Nancy Walsh with Jeff Cook Real Estate

One person commented: "Someone may have put it on for when someone gets off [the road] to see what happens..."

Another agreed, adding: "It’s a bait trap. don’t get out. Pull over. STAY IN THE CAR. Lock the door. And call 911 FAST."

Though some people responded to the post to say they'd struggle not to stop after coming across what would be a baby in need of help, others warned: "don't be a hero, phone police."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Nancy Walsh with Jeff Cook Real Estate

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