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People Are Just Discovering How To Use Saucepan Lids Correctly

People Are Just Discovering How To Use Saucepan Lids Correctly

The more you know…

We’re always desperate to get handy tips and tricks for when we’re cooking in the kitchen – but the latest TikTok hack has blown our mind.

Yep, it appears we’ve been using our saucepans all wrong, as one TikToker showed us the correct way to cook with the appliance.

You can watch the video below.

The video was posted on Instagram’s @todayyearsold page, with the caption: “I’m starting to think they need to add TikTok as part of the school curriculum, seriously.”

And the page’s 9.4 Insta followers quickly flocked to the comment to share their surprise at such a simple hack.

“Just when I was feeling confident in the kitchen,” one person said.

Another person joked: “At this point we even breathing wrong.”

“I’m sorry, what?” said a third, and a fourth added: “Who knew this and didn’t tell me?”

One TIkTok user showed the simple hack (
Instagram - todayyearsold)

Others were thrilled that their kitchen counters were to be freed of the tyranny of lid marks: “OMG no more sweaty circles on the counter top!” one person gushed, as a second said to a friend: “Why don’t they tell us these things?”

However, this hack won’t work for those who are particularly disorganised, and have separated the lids from their pots.

“Yeah my house don’t have matching lids tho lol,” pointed out one viewer.

Others said they’d seen people try the hack on TikTok – to little success.

“Yeah ive seen people trying this and as soon as they put the lid on top like that the whole pot fell over,” they laughed.

Best try this one before you actually start cooking.

And the hack seems to work out (
Instagram - todayyearsold)

In other TikTok news, one homeowner has showed off a super quick hack to make mould disappear from your bathroom surfaces.

And trust us, any unsightly black marks melt away like magic.

Every day is a school day with TikTok! You can read more about that hack here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - todayyearsold

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