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Mum shares homemade spray that banishes mould from homes

Mum shares homemade spray that banishes mould from homes

The simple solution makes short work of mould spores

A mum has shared a simple two-ingredient spray she says banishes mould in no time at all.

Anita Birges, known as the Organising Guru on TikTok, said she came back from a weekend away only to discover mould spores dotted around her home.

Anita said: "We've just come back from our weekend away and I knew that having the house closed up, the windows closed, the doors closed, no airflow happening, was going to be the perfect breeding ground for mould.

"The usual suspects were here, there was a bit around the front door, a bit on the window sill, but I also found it on my roller blinds."

Declaring herself on a ‘mission against mould’, Anita reveals she mixes up a batch of warm water and isopropyl in equal measures, spraying it on the affected area and leaving it for 10 minutes before wiping away with a microfibre cloth.

Isopropyl is an alcohol that is used for sterilising and cleaning items including fabrics - but as it’s alcohol, please be careful when using it as it's flammable.

Fellow TikTok users took to the comments to share their own tips on mould removal, with one person warning: “You have to throw the cloths away so you don’t spread mould spores. Use disposable cloth.”

Someone else said: “Please wear a mask when you are in an area with mould. Your lungs are a prime breeding ground. Warm, dark, and moist.”

And a third commented: “OK so I used to work for a chemical company, best mould removal is cleaning vinegar it's a quat which actually kills the spores, most other products just bleach the spores & they return over time. I live in Queensland & this is the only thing that works up here so much so you hard pressed to find in store [sic].”

Andrew Paterson / Alamy Stock Photo

Big Bathroom Shop's bathroom specialist Rikki Fothergill told the Mirror: "Using alcohol is a proven method for removing mould and mould stains from smaller surfaces as it dissolves lipids and breaks down the substance.

"However, for more stubborn mould on larger areas like walls and showers. Consider using vinegar or even bleach for a more effective clean."

To prevent mould from building up in your home, the number one tip is to try and keep surfaces dry and ventilated – which can be quite difficult in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

If mould does appear, it’s best to tackle it sooner rather than later - if a homemade concoction isn’t quite your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that most supermarkets sell mould remover sprays with prices starting at around a quid.

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