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Mum has genius way of 'upgrading' letters to Santa using a potato and a Babybel

Mum has genius way of 'upgrading' letters to Santa using a potato and a Babybel

The TikToker got creative using Babybel and a potato

You got to love those Christmas hacks saving you a bit of dosh during the festive period and this mum certainly has a unique one.

TikToker Ashlea - @ashleas_kitchen - somehow managed to create a seal for her kids Santa letters by using just a Babybel and a potato. Yes, you read that correctly.

Take a look how she did it below:

Ashlea treated her kids to a unique Christmas experience.

"Make our letters to Santa with us," the mother explained.

"While the kids are writing the letters, I get the Babybel wax that was left over from lunch and I of course have one as well. Yum.

"I melt the wax safely then push a fruit star stamp into a potato and then cut around it.

"All melted. All ready to pour the wax.

"Such a cute star wax seal.

@ashleas_kitchen / TikTok

"Such a magical activity for the kids.

"They loved doing the Babybel wax seals.

"They wanted to do more."

The mum captioned the clip: "Christmas letters to Santa done and with a little added magic by using a potato and the wax from a Babybel! The kids loved it, they wanted to do more. Thanks Babybel for sending some cheese."

@ashleas_kitchen / TikTok

If you want another unique Christmas hack, TikTok account @bestofchristmass posted a pretty stylish alternative to make your front door ready for Santa.

By using a long piece of fabric to wrap the door from top to bottom and another, smaller piece of fabric for the sides of the door, within seconds it looks like a present you’d find under the tree.

To finish off the alternative wreath, the TikTokers add a glittery bow on top of the crossed fabric.

The TikTok account used red fabric and a chequered red and white fabric for the first design.

People are trying the hack at home.

In a follow-up video, they made another version with just red material and it looks just as stunning.

TikTok users were buzzing with the idea, with one saying they’ll also try the hack on their kitchen cabinets.

Another said: “I do this on my door every Christmas.”

While a third added: “We do this with our kitchen cabinets and interior doors every year.”

Someone else wrote: “That’s what I’m doing every year.”

Featured Image Credit: @ashleas_kitchen / TikTok

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