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Neighbour sends painful note after losing patience with pianist next door after ‘six long years’

Neighbour sends painful note after losing patience with pianist next door after ‘six long years’

A neighbour sent a painful note after losing patience with a pianist living next door.

A pianist shared a painful note that they received from their neighbour after hearing 'six long years' of practice.

Music is often an escapism for many of us. Had a hard day at work and things aren't really going to plan? Stick some music on, and we often feel a lot better.

It really is a long-running pastime, a one that a lot of us use on a daily basis.

People can often use their tunes to help fill the empty space that can sometimes come with living by themselves and create a bit of noise.

But especially in many flats and apartments, paper-thin walls can transport a lot of sound.

Music is an escapism for many, but certainly not for this neighbour.
dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

When it comes to some types of pianos, a lot of that musical detail can be transferred into the ears of the listener, with a grand piano reportedly blasting out 110 decibels when in a small room.

And if a digital piano with earphones is whacked up in volume, it could actually get to the point of a damaging level for a person's ears.

But it seems that the noise had become far too much for one person after many years of hearing the two same pieces of keyboard music ad infinitum.

So, they took it upon themselves to write a note to the pianist, where all the frustration was seemingly released in one go.

The note was posted to Facebook, which read: "Dear neighbour.

"Understanding that Bach’s C major Preludium and Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1 represent a refined taste and diverse repertoire, excellent choices to impress a new girlfriend...

"BUT please consider practicing the pieces in their entirety.

"For us, neighbours listening [to] you endlessly repeat the first four bars for hours became displeasing after these six long years.

"Plus, let me point out, that the third note of the second bar in [the] Bach is not a G as you play it, and the Gymnopédie is in 3/4. Peace!"

The note was for sure a painful one.
Chad Mackinson/ Facebook

That's gotta sting.

Other fellow music lovers reacted to the note that was posted to the Music Humour Facebook page, with one person writing: "Lol!!! I hope he wasn't practicing the same song for 6 years..."

A second added: "Play it even louder, would be my advice. I only know a few notes of several songs. "Practice....practice....practice!"

And a third replied: "It sounds like he'd had enough."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Good advice to practice the pieces in their entirety! The long-suffering neighbour isn't even suggesting adding to the repertoire!"

Featured Image Credit: Chad Mackinson/ Facebook/ Chris Pearsall / Alamy Stock Photo

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