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Mum faces backlash after showing off daughter’s new 'floating loft bed'

Mum faces backlash after showing off daughter’s new 'floating loft bed'

A mum showed off a stylish new bed she'd had built for her daughter but some people didn't like it.

A mum has faced some backlash after posting a picture of a 'floating loft bed' her husband had made for their daughter.

A loft bed is basically the top bunk of a bunk bed without the bottom one, and a floating version is one which appears not to be supported from beneath.

Renee Fraser shared a post on Facebook showing the bed in its completed form, and luckily her daughter 'absolutely does' love it.

It was built by her husband, who installs abseiling anchors for work so he probably knows how to build something like this. However, some people who've seen the bed worried it was unsafe.

The mum shared her daughter's new bed to Facebook, most people liked it.
Facebook/Bunnings Mums and Dads Australia

"My husbands project for the weekend! Floating loft bed for our daughter. Everything from bunnings except the decorative rope." Renee wrote on Facebook.

"To clarify a few things. Under the rope is cable anchored to our roof trusses. My husband installs height safety access platforms and abseiling anchors for a profession so this is professionally installed."

"It’s no higher than a loft bed and bedding is changed/made the same as a loft or bunk bed. Thank you to everyone who liked it, we would never risk our daughters safety."

According to Renee the bed can safely hold 900kg of weight, meaning that 10 average sized adults could perch up on there without worrying about it falling down.

If that can happen then it's probably very safe for a child. However, some commenters did point out a few logistical issues with having the bed so high off the ground, as someone wondered 'how do you make that bed' and another wanted to know 'who's changing the sheets'.

Another example of a 'floating loft bed', though the one Renee's husband made is probably much safer.
blickwinkel / Alamy Stock Photo

Unfortunately some people were not so complimentary, with some saying they were worried that Renee's daughter would 'slip between the mattress and top rail' and fall off the bed.

Someone else posted that it was not something they'd want, while another said there were 'safety standards for a reason'.

Fortunately, most people understood that the bed was safe and thought it was actually a pretty darn cool thing to have.

Quite a few asked about the logistics of getting a 'floating loft bed' for themselves, saying it was 'every child's dream bed'.

Of course someone was on hand to make a Step Brothers reference and point out that the room had so much more space for activities now.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Bunnings Mums and Dads Australia

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