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Simple Change To How You Use The Kettle Could Save You Money

Simple Change To How You Use The Kettle Could Save You Money

Those cups of tea could be costing you a small fortune.

This month most people have seen an huge rise in bills, and while living costs as a whole have increased it's energy where people are really feeling it.

Energy bills include electricity and heating, so of course it's to be expected that kitchen appliances will have an impact on this.

While some costs are pretty much unavoidable - we're not about to tell you to turn your fridge and freezer off or never use your oven.

Kitchen appliances can have a huge impact on your energy bills (

Although, you may be able to save yourself a bit of money by avoiding overstocking your fridge and freezer, as the more products they contain the harder it'll have to work to ensure this are kept at their optimum temperature.

You can also reduce oven costs with regular cleaning.

Talking to Metro, Claire Horne, the energy saving expert at Kesseler revealed that kettles are one of the appliances that could be having the biggest impact on your wallet.

The cost of living crisis is causing bills to skyrocket (

"Research shows that boiling your full kettle just four times a day can add £60 to your energy bill" Claire says, adding: "Being mindful with how much water you really need means less electricity waste and can help save water too."

"I'm not just going to stop drinking tea, so how can I keep my bills down?" We hear you ask. Don't worry, Claire has a solution to this too.

"By not switching your kettle off at the mains, electricity will continue to run through, adding £10 to your annual bill." Says Claire, "avoid this unnecessary expense by simply switching off the kettle at the plug whenever you aren’t using it."

Switch your kettle off at the mains when not using it to save some money on your energy bills (

Martin Lewis has also been sharing tips on ways to keep your energy bills down.

The money-saving expert has suggested a shower add-on that can help keep costs down:

""There’s a website called which collates all the freebees available from the water companies around the country, such as £30 aerated shower heads, which you can get for free," he revealed.

Tyla will continue to bring you money saving tips from experts as the cost of living continues to increase.

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