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Woman shares simple trick to make white school shirts bright again

Woman shares simple trick to make white school shirts bright again

Carolina McCauley is known as TikTok's resident cleaning expert

A cleaning expert has shared a homemade hack for whitening your children's school shirts.

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, is dubbed as TikTok's cleaning queen who knows a thing or two about keeping whites white.

The Australian mum-of-two regularly goes viral for whitening Air Force 1's, laces, clothes, towels and she also shows us how to make laundry whitening blocks.

The process was documented on TikTok.

So - for white shirts - the TikToker starts by adding the following three ingredients to a bowl:

1 x cup of baking soda

1 x cup of borax (a type of cleaning salt)

0.5 x cup of oxygenated bleach

Carolina has over 2.8 million followers on the app.

Then, Carolina slowly adds water to the bowl to form a thick wet-sand texture.

You'll then need the equivalent of a large ice cube tray to pack the solution into.

After waiting for the mix to dry, you should have your own homemade cleaning blocks.

Make sure you allow your blocks to fully dry before you use.

Its been heralded as a 'miracle'.

The mum explains: "This miracle block will replace your detergent and stain remover."

Commenting on the clip, one thankful viewer wrote: "I use this mix and my white converse came back to life."

Another fan simply commented: "Thank you!!!"

Well, from one hack to another, as another TikTok cleaning hack has been dividing the internet of late - and it's pretty easy to see why.

According to Janelle and Kate, all you need to clean your toilet seat is a dishwasher.

Yes, you heard that right, as in the place where your plates, forks and cups go. We're not sure we want to eat at their house, we would probably use the loo thereOkay though.

The content creators' shared the video with the caption 'cleaning hack' and it's safe to say people had some strong reactions.

One user said reacting to the video: "Immediately NO. IMMEDIATELY NO!!!!!!!"

Some TikTok users were less than impressed by the toilet seat 'hack'.

Another was just genuinely concerned: "nah il pass on doin that for sure. wow I hope no one does this... but it is 2022 things have changed so possibility someone has done it gross.. lol. [sic]"

A third added: "This is disgusting & why you can be eating at everyone’s house…."

Another user switched over to Twitter to discuss the strange cleaning hack, directing people there: "You guys are getting rinsed on twitter like the toilet seat."

And, if you thought the reaction on TikTok was strong, wait until you see Twitter, with one user saying: "Putting your toilet seat in the dishwasher is diabolical behavior. Do better."

Featured Image Credit: @carolina.mccauley/TikTok

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