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Shopper 'grabbed as many as she could carry' after spotting £1.30 duvet sets in Asda

Shopper 'grabbed as many as she could carry' after spotting £1.30 duvet sets in Asda

She says the cheap as chips sets were the 'bargain of her life'

With the price of just about everything going up at the minute, the hunt for a good bargain has become all the more important.

And one woman reckoned she discovered the ‘best bargain of her life’ on a recent outing to Asda in Hatfield when she managed to spot cheap as chips duvet sets.

Smart shopper Ivett Toth took to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to show off her impressive haul of cut-price bedding - that she says were so cheap she couldn’t resist grabbing as ‘many as she could’ and racing to the checkout.

In the post, Ivett explained: “My best bargain in my life. I finished my shopping when my friend texted me to get for her autistic son the 75p human body sticker book which was on sale.

“As I arrived to the shelf, a lady started to bring out trolleys of bedding sets. I was the first so grabbed as much as I could carry.”

Revealing just how cheap the sets were, Ivett said that the double duvet sets scanned at just £1.30 and the king size sets were only £1.50.

Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

In total, she picked up six of the patterned sets - five doubles and one king size - and managed to save £6.70 on each item, with her total savings topping forty quid. Not bad, eh?

Ivett also decided to kindly share her good fortune, keeping just a couple of sets for herself and giving the rest away.

Explaining in a follow-up comment: “I kept two sets, the rest I gave away in the autistic school for the moms at school pick up.”

How nice is that?

Fellow shoppers were impressed by Ivett’s luck in the aisles and praised her for giving some away, with one person commenting: “I love it when people grab as many as they can to donate.

Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

"That’s your money and it all adds up and no one has a lot spare but still thinking of the needs of others. Makes me happy.”

Another said: “Well down on finding such a great bargain and that was such a kind and thoughtful thing to do.”

While a third commented: “Well done you! And for your amazing generosity!”

However, one local who missed out on the bargain chipped in: “Gutted! First time I’ve seen a Hatfield post and missed it! Great find!”

Story of my life that is, mate.

Featured Image Credit: eye35 / Alamy Stock Photo / Facebook/Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

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