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School Receptionist Finds Her Face On STI Warning Advert Just Like Joey From Friends

School Receptionist Finds Her Face On STI Warning Advert Just Like Joey From Friends

This is awkward.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Lots of people wonder what it would be like to relive an episode of their favourite TV show.

But for one school receptionist, this came true when she unknowingly found herself in a real-life Friends episode after discovering her face on a billboard advert about STI - just like Joey.

Rachel O'Connor got involved with the campaign highlighting the importance of cervical screenings in February last year through a talent agency but the ads were delayed for more than a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

School receptionist Rachel O'Connor was the face of an STI ad campaign like Joey from Friends (

However the 26-year-old suddenly began receiving messages asking if she had a 'twin' after pals and relatives began spotting her face next to adverts warning over Human papillomavirus or HPV - the most common sexually transmitted infection.

In the 90s sitcom, Matt Leblanc's character Joey Tribbiani is mortified after discovering his face plastered on billboards with the slogan 'VD [venereal disease] - you never know who might have it'.

She claims she was delighted to have her 'Joey moment' and rushed to a nearby bus stop where her brother had spotted the ad, so she could pose next to it.

Rachel, from Dublin, said: "I first received a message from a friend's sister asking if it was me or a twin or something [in the adverts].

Joey was less happy to see his face as part of the venereal disease campaign (
Kennedy/Warner Bros.)

"Then the same day, my brother saw the ad on the bus stop. It's actually just twenty minutes from my house.

"So the next day me and my mum went there and got the photo opportunity. I just had to jump on it, you know.

"I was only watching that episode the day before, so it was definitely in my head.

Rachel took part in the photoshoot for CervicalCheck, Ireland's national screening programme, in an effort to encourage women to get a smear test - which detects cancerous processes in the cervix and are often caused by HPV.

The campaign highlighting the importance of cervical screenings (

The hilarious photo shows Rachel copying Joey's humiliated face at discovering himself in the ad while she stands next to the bus stop, which she shared next to an image of Joey in the same pose.

"I've been watching the show since I was like 11, so it's one my all time favourites so when I saw the ad had come out in real life, it was one of the first things that came to mind.

"You always want to relate your life to a television show, especially one that's set in a New York with a bunch of people that are in their twenties."

The tweet featuring the picture quickly went viral with almost 7,000 likes and shares, as Rachel captioned her image: "I had my Joey moment!!!! (Except I'm not embarrassed by it because ladies gotta be getting their smears)."

The tweet featuring the picture quickly went viral with almost 7,000 likes and shares (

However, unlike Joey, who felt great embarrassment at his ad, Rachel has embraced hers wholeheartedly.

Rachel said: "In the past two or three years, there has been a scandal in Ireland where the government was sending tests over to Germany and many women got incorrect conclusions.

"So a couple of women have died because they didn't know they had cervical cancer.

"So ever since that there's been this massive hope for women to get checked sooner rather than later.

"I've received so many messages from girls my age saying 'Oh my gosh, I haven't gotten mine yet, but I saw the ad and it reminded me to make the call.'"

CervicalCheck were contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy/Warner Bros.

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