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Woman Swears By Urine Facials After Admitting To Drinking Her Own Pee

Woman Swears By Urine Facials After Admitting To Drinking Her Own Pee

We'll probably skip this hack.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

There are hundreds of weird and wonderful beauty hacks people swear by - you may remember the period blood face mask from last week.

However, one woman might have trumped them all after she admitted to rubbing her own urine on her skin and drinking it, claiming it has improved her health.

Grace Jones, 32, has been gulping, snorting and rubbing her own urine on her skin, hair and eyes for the past two weeks. In fact, she drinks a glass of pee first thing in the morning and claims it has already cured her bad eyesight, eczema, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.

Grace Jones says she rubs her own urine on her skin and even drinks it (

The retail manager from San Diego, California, said: "I ingest it, snort it, pour it into my eyes and rub it on my skin and hands.

"I wee into a cup in the morning and drink it straight away. During the day, I pee into a jar and save it because the more it's aged, the more potent the nutrients are.

"I try not to drink it in the evenings because it gives me a lot of energy and keeps me awake.

"I'm completely off my blood pressure medication, it has helped my skin problems, my hair looks healthier and I've lost 30 pounds. I no longer have depression, anxiety or brain fog."

Grace claims that drinking her own urine has helped to cure her urine (

Grace decided to start practicing 'urine therapy' two weeks ago after she saw a post on social media encouraging people to try it. However, there is no scientific evidence showing any medical benefits to the practice and most doctors and medical experts recommend people avoid ingesting urine.

Urine contains waste products that have been filtered out of the bloodstream by the kidneys. According to water makes up 91 to 96 per cent of urine and the rest is made from salts, ammonia and other by-products that are not meant to stay in the body.

In addition to urine therapy, Grace has also adopted a plant-based diet and has cut her alcohol consumption. "I was sceptical at first and it took me a while to get over the stigma of it," she explained.

"It tastes slightly salty and buttery but it depends on what you've eaten and how you're feeling.

Grace has kept her new morning routine hidden from her partner (

"I wanted to get off my blood pressure medication so I was searching for alternative methods so when I saw someone on Instagram teaching urine therapy, I just fell into it."

Although she has shared her unusual health and beauty regime with friends and family, Grace has yet to tell her partner of nine years because she is worried about his reaction.

Grace said: "I've told a couple of my friends and family and some have said I don't know what I'm doing or I'm crazy or sick or I'm going to hurt myself because it's toxic waste.

"I haven't told my boyfriend yet because I don't think his reaction would be positive. I'm just waiting for the right time. I have my own bathroom so I can keep it hidden."

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