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Braxton Hicks: Woman Shows What 'False Labour' Contractions Really Look Like

Braxton Hicks: Woman Shows What 'False Labour' Contractions Really Look Like

This is fascinating!

One woman on has fascinated her TikTok followers after demonstrating what 'false labour' contractions look like 28 weeks into her pregnancy.

TikTok creator @5thbabybump has been documenting her pregnancy on the video-sharing app, and got viewers talking when she recorded her womb contractions.

Watch the video here:

After leaving some followers mystified, the expecting mum explained: "That's my baby, during a Braxton Hicks contraction. it's your body contracting for a few different reasons while pregnant."

Braxton Hicks are a totally normal part of pregnancy that usually occur on a woman's second or third trimester.

The 'false labour' contractions tightens muscles across the belly and makes the uterus feel hard.

Many other pregnant viewers took to the comment section to share their own experience with Braxton Hicks, complaining that the contractions were quite painful.

"That’s the worst. My baby always goes to the right side and it hurts," commented one mum.

Other expecting mums could relate to the video. (

"I get them so much now at 39 weeks," wrote another.

A third added: "Mine feel like mild period cramps. Slightly painful but not too bad. They're always down at the bottom of my uterus."

One concerned mum-to-be said: "I’m 38 weeks and still don’t have them I so confused," but was quickly reassured that not all pregnant women experience the symptom - lucky for some!

Other viewers were eager to reassure other mums that the best way to avoid Braxton Hicks pain is to drink lots of water.

Braxton Hicks contractions are a normal part of pregnancy. (

One commented: "btw if you dont drink water they will be more painful:) stay hydrated."

Another simply added: "Please drink some water😂😩"

After managing to avoid the contractions, a third wrote: "32 weeks and I haven't had any yet I'm not looking forward to them but I drink a bunch of water."

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With the help of a partner, women are trying out the trick and can't stop raving about it.

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