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Woman Describes Tampon Trick That Terrified Doctor

Woman Describes Tampon Trick That Terrified Doctor

We can't believe how awkward this must've been!

There's nothing better than an awkward and hilarious TikTok story and luckily for us one woman decided to share the secret hiding place where she put her tampons - and the terrified doctor who found them.

Watch the video below:

TikToker Veronica O’Phelan explained she used to hide her tampons in a secret place on her person.

After being in a car accident, she had to go to the hospital after being seriously injured, along with her sister.

Veronica and her sister desperately needed to go to the bathroom but they were unable to because they were "backboarded". This happens when an injured person is at risk of neck or spinal injuries and is immobilised on a flat surface to prevent them from moving in order to avoid further injury.

The story then took a terrifying turn when the doctor found a stash of tampons in the most surprising place.

In fact, the doctor said he “almost had a heart attack” after finding her “stash” of tampons, Veronica explained.

People in the comments were left in tears of laughter after finding out where Veronica kept her tampons and hearing the doctor’s reaction to it. 

Veronica explained where she used to hide her tampons (
TikTok/Vernonica O’Phelan)

“Not doctor not understanding how many tampons we need in a day…” quipped one woman.

Another comment said: “I LOST IT at ‘mind your business!’ Also, the answer to the ‘why’ is because WE DON’T GET POCKETS!"

A third said: "Normalize using tampons because we all do it but also this story was worth all of the weird societal problems we have".

Another TikTok user reacted with “this is the best story I've ever heard”.

Veronica's doctor said he "almost had a heart attack" when he discovered the tampons (
TikTok/Vernonica O’Phelan)

And someone else responded to Veronica’s hilarious story with: “Imagine your leg really was severely broken and you’re just laying there like you’re totally fine”.

Lots of TikTokers were absolutely floored by Veronica’s hiding place. “You're a genius. a mad genius,” said one surprised TikTok user.

Other people spared a moment to think about how the doctor felt in that moment. “I bet he remembers you just as much as you remember him,” one person joked.

“The panic he must felt thinking your leg was broken and they forgot about you. Lmao,” added another.

We can't believe how awkward this must've been!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Vernonica O’Phelan

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