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Woman who fell asleep in the sun horrified when she woke up and saw her forehead

Woman who fell asleep in the sun horrified when she woke up and saw her forehead

Note to self - don't fall asleep in the sun with no cream on

We've all drifted off while sunbathing, only to wake up in a panic wondering how long we could have been baking for.

Beautician Sirin Murad, 25, from London was left in total shock when she woke up from a nap in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, to find her forehead was very red and sore.

Sirin had nodded off without any suncream, and when she looked in the mirror the following day, her skin was so tight it looked like plastic.

You can watch a video below:

To Sirin's horror, her 'plastic' skin soon started to peel, leaving her covered in patches of both tanned and pink skin underneath.

"At first it really didn’t feel like anything - it just felt a bit sore when I put pressure on it," says Sirin.

“It really hurt the next day but I actually got some relief when it started peeling. It didn’t hurt and I felt much better.

“Weirdly, my skin is great now! It even feels better than before, almost like it’s renewed.”

After her mistake, Sirin is keen to raise awareness over the importance of wearing sunscreen, especially if you think you could drift off for an afternoon siesta by the pool.

Sirin's skin was so tight it looked like plastic.

Seven weeks on from the incident and Sirin's skin still has some patches of discolouration.

”No matter how much you think your that you’ll be fine or that your skin will not burn, always apply sunscreen! It’s definitely worth it!" she says.

“In my case, I genuinely forgot. I usually would do, but it just slipped my mind."

Last month, a woman suffered from blistering sunburn after spending just an hour in the UK sun.

Eva Jones posted a TikTok video captioned 'British weather', demonstrating how just 60 minutes in the sun left her with painful blisters and a swollen face.

She starts off the clip by writing 'tanning for an hour won't do much' alongside a before selfie.

Viewers are then shown a number of images as her condition gets progressively worse, starting off with a bright red face and ending with bursting blisters and peeling skin.

In the comments section, Eva confirmed that she also got heatstroke, with many people expressing concern for the TikToker's health.

It's certainly been a roasting hot summer in the UK, with temperatures reaching 40C last month, meanwhile a mini heatwave last week saw Brits sweltering in highs of 34C.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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