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Shaughna Phillips Praised For Spreading Awareness Of HPV Following Positive Test

Shaughna Phillips Praised For Spreading Awareness Of HPV Following Positive Test

The former Love Island star took to Twitter to reveal that she'd tested positive for a form of the virus

Shaughna Phillips has been praised for spreading awareness of the human papilloma virus (HPV) by sharing her recent results and urging women to book their smear tests.

The former Love Island star, who appeared on the first-ever winter edition of the dating show in 2020, took to Twitter to reveal that she'd tested positive for a form of the virus.

Responding to her own tweet in which Shaughna announced she was getting a smear test, the reality star wrote: "Had my results back yesterday, I tested positive for HPV and have had borderline changes to some cells that require further examination.

"I’m scared but that’s okay. Thank god for screening. Ladies, book your smears."

Her message has received thousands of likes, as well as dozens of comments from people thanking Shaughna and the online community for raising awareness about the issue.

"The comments on this tweet have made me feel so normal," wrote one woman. "I’ve had severe changes twice and had the cells removed both times.

"I cried so much with pure fear both times but I’ve now realised it’s not bad. I’m lucky they were found and it’s being kept on top of. You got this."

Another said: "Worrying but not abnormal I’m sure it will be ok, good on you for sharing it though it’s so important women go."

A third added: "Well done you for ‘over sharing’; you have the chance to have a positive impact on our young women and no one should ever criticise you for that. Fingers crossed for swift and positive treatment."

Numerous other women reassured Shaughna about her test results, while others bravely shared their experiences with being diagnosed and treated for cancerous and pre-cancerous cells on their cervix.

Shaughna also shared the news on her Instagram Story in which she opened up further about her concerns and also thanked a number of people who reassured her, which you can see below:

Instagram/Shaughna Phillips

A number of commenters also urged women who are eligible to get the vaccination against HPV, which causes most cervical cancers.

The vaccine, which is given as two injections to girls aged 12 and 13, protects against four types of HPV, including the kind linked to 70 percent of cervical cancers and the kind that cause roughly 90 percent of genital warts.

Various strains of HPV are spread through sexual contact, and it is the second most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK after chlamydia.


There is absolutely no shame in diagnosis for any kind of STI including HPV, and it's important to get regular check-ups either by your doctor, an STI clinic or using home testing kits.

Cervical health is also checked via smear tests, which are offered to women aged 25 to 64 in the UK.

And as said by Shaughna, be sure to attend these tests as and when you're asked to do so.

If you need more information, visit the NHS page here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Shaughna Phillips

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