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Pregnant woman shows how she can make her bump drop on demand

Pregnant woman shows how she can make her bump drop on demand

Did you know it worked like this?

A mum-to-be has shown off just how much control she has over her baby bump and it's blowing people's minds.

TikToker @variableminerva explained that she was 'confused' by the series of viral 'bump drop' videos she had seen online, since she can control hers easily. Check it out:

If you're on the right side of TikTok, you may have seen this 'bump drop' videos on your For You Page.

The videos supposedly capture the moment that an expecting mum's baby bump suddenly obeys the laws of gravity and drops down.

A lot of mums seem to experience it in the days leading up to giving birth, but @variableminerva can do it whenever she pleases.

Setting up her phone camera to film her baby bump, she told viewers: "So I have to do a little demo here, because baby bumps are so weird and I'm not sure that everyone knows that if you haven't been close with a pregnant person or been pregnant yourself.

"Because, that viral video that was like, 'woman catches moment that baby bump drops' kind of confused me because, like..."

She then suddenly makes her baby bump dip. Acting shocked, she jokes: "Did you guys see my bump drop!?"

This mum doesn't get why people are impressed with viral bump drop videos. .

She explained: "Like, they go up and down, they're very muscle-y. You know, I can bring it up and then I can relax and it drops.

"And there's no movement to it, like the way my normal stomach would jiggle without all this. Like it, it don't move. My stomach? It don't move."

People were boggled by the mum's party trick - even mums took to the comments to admit that they were stunned.

"I have never seen a pregnant person move their stomach," admitted one unfamiliar viewer. "I'm scared of it, but also intrigued?? That's amazing and I don't understand it."

A second agreed: "Woah that's wild! I have never seen someone control the baby bump like that! Very cool."

One dumbfounded mum commented: "Ma'am I've been pregnant four times and have never done that."

This mum can make her bump drop on command.

Trying to bring some logic to it, another user suggested: "It probably has to do with the person's core muscles. Not everyone I know can contract and extend their stomach muscles like that."

And, it sounds like that's exactly what happened.

Because among those comments was an update from fellow mum @nabby.nabs - the woman who went viral for catching her bump drop on camera in the first place.

"Hi! I'm that woman," she wrote. "Didn't have great core skills like you're showing here!! Pretty awesome!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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