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People concerned after news anchor has stroke live on air

People concerned after news anchor has stroke live on air

The news anchor updated viewers after the concerning broadcast.

A US news anchor has confirmed that she suffered the "beginnings of a stroke" on live television after viewers expressed concern.

Julie Chin was reporting for NBC affiliate KJRH on Saturday morning when she started tripping over her words and struggled to read from the prompter.

Watch the moment here:

After losing her words, Julie tried to steer the show forward, passing the broadcast over to the news station's meteorologist.

When the worrisome broadcast aired, viewers reached out to Julie to check in on her and, after spending a few days in hospital, the journalist issued an update.

Posting to Facebook, she admitted that "the past few days are still a little bit of a mystery", but she was feeling better already.

Julie continued: "My doctors believe I had the beginnings of a stroke live on the air Saturday morning. Some of you witnessed it firsthand, and I’m so sorry that happened."

News anchor Julie Chin experienced the 'beginnings of a stroke' live on air.
2 News Oklahoma

The news anchor then explained that she felt 'great' before the show went live, but while on-air, she lost partial vision in one eye and her hand and arm went numb.

"Then, I knew I was in big trouble when my mouth would not speak the words that were right in front of me on the teleprompter", she wrote.

"If you were watching Saturday morning, you know how desperately I tried to steer the show forward, but the words just wouldn’t come."

While Julie put on a brave face for the camera, her co-workers called 911 behind the scenes.

After spending a few days in hospital, she was told that she "should be just fine", but there were still some unanswered questions.

"I’m glad to share that my tests have all come back great. At this point, Doctors think I had the beginnings of a stroke, but not a full stroke. There are still lots of questions, and lots to follow up on, but the bottom line is I should be just fine."

The journalist assured concerned viewers that she would be fine.
2 News Oklahoma

Julie also took the opportunity to share the key symptoms of a stroke with her followers, noting that 'action is critical' when the first signs appear.

"This acronym helps identify the symptoms to look for: BE FAST and then if needed, be fast and call 911", she said.

"B.alance (Sudden loss of balance)

E.yes (Sudden vision changes)

F.ace (Facial droop)

A.rms (One arm drifts downward)

S.peech (Slurred/confused speech)

T.ime & Terrible headache."

She concluded by assuring fans she'd be back in the studio in no time and would keep viewers updated as she continues to undergo tests for the freak incident.

Featured Image Credit: 2 News Oklahoma

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