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Mum's Stark Warning Over 'Gross' Sippy Cup Discovery

Mum's Stark Warning Over 'Gross' Sippy Cup Discovery

One mum has issued a stark warning about sippy cups after making a shocking discovery about her child's

Hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to everyday utensils, but one mum has issued a stark warning about 360 sippy cups.

Taking to TikTok, the mother revealed that her child’s 360 cup at school was not as clean as she’d hoped.

Watch here:

She captioned the shocking video: “My baby has been drinking mould for months all day daily!!”

The 360 cups are popular with parents as they help support a child’s dental development with a design that mimics an adult cup.

However, unlike adult cups, the cap at the top stops the child from spilling the liquid, as per the product description

The training cup is described as ‘easy to clean’, but unfortunately, as was the case in this TikTok, the cleaning step was skipped.

This meant that the special no-spill cap was full of mould that this woman’s child’s juice went through for months. 

She then advised all other parents to check the cups if they were being used by their kids outside their home. 

The mum explained that she wasn’t angry at the school as they may not have known that the cup lid had to be cleaned in this way too.

“I think it was an honest oversight,” she wrote, adding: “This is not an ‘I’m mad about it post’ just an awareness spread for others that use them & don’t know either.”

The outside of a 360 cup.
TikTok / @danit___

Reacting to the revelation, one TikTok user wrote: “If you’re required to bring these specific cups then they should be required to know how to clean them. This isn’t OK at all.”

A second added: “I work at a daycare and we completely take apart all cups/bottles before washing and sanitising them. This is just laziness on their part.”

A third wrote: “When I worked in a daycare a couple kids had these cups and I honestly had no idea the tops were removable until one day I thought I broke it.”

A fourth warned: “Yes and don't forget about the clear rubber piece on the bottom of the lid too. I have these exact cups and love them!”

A fifth remarked: “Y’all she is spreading awareness why are y’all so mad???? She’s literally trying to keep y’all safe…”

Meanwhile, a sixth parent said the post was the reason they insisted on bringing home their child’s cup.

They wrote: “And this is why my daughter's cup comes home with me every day.”

Have you overlooked cleaning this part of a 360 cup?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@danit___

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