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Mum left furious after catching best friend breastfeeding her daughter without permission

Mum left furious after catching best friend breastfeeding her daughter without permission

A mum is furious with her best friend after catching her breastfeeding her baby daughter

A mum has been left furious after she caught her best friend breastfeeding her daughter without her permission.

The woman took to Reddit to express her anger over the situation that 'violated her daughter' and left her 'bursting'.

She explained the situation: "I have a daughter of 10 months. Me (30f) and my best friend (31f) have always been super close, and she helped a lot during my pregnancy and after childbirth.

The mum couldn't believe her best friend would breastfeed her child.
Wendy Wei/Pexels (stock photo)

"So it always came naturally to me to ask her for help, till she became some kind of nanny for my daughter when needed. She's always been very eager and happy to help, since she has no children of her own (she had a miscarriage in the past and stopped trying afterwards)."

While they were at a friend's wedding, her best friend offered to look after the baby for a while so the mum could 'take a break'.

However, when she got back about 20 minutes later she couldn't find her friend or baby and despite looking everywhere, they were 'nowhere to be found'.

"Finally after another ten minutes I manage to find her, and I see her talking to some people while holding my baby with her boob shoved down my daughter's throat," she writes.

The livid mum 'tried not to scream' as she approached the group where her friend was casually feeding the baby.

"I literally tried my best to keep my composure and not to scream, so I went to her and said that we needed to talk."

After going somewhere more private, the mum 'yelled wtf is wrong with you' and questioned why she was breastfeeding her baby.

"She looked at me in disbelief, and she replied that she understood that it was the best way to calm my daughter, and that there's nothing wrong about it, adding that she could very well be her daughter. Wtf????"

The woman thinks her friend 'violated her daughter'.
Helena Jankovičová Kováčová/Pexels - Stock Photo

Having written the Reddit post ahead of confronting the situation with her friend, the mum expressed how she was struggling to control her anger.

"Honestly, I'm so f--kin mad. Wtf?????? Why did she had to do it?? I don't even f--kin know what to tell her without raging at her.

"It's been nearly a day and this thought never left my mind not even for a second. How could she say that 'there was nothing wrong with it'???

"I feel like she violated my daughter, and she gave literally zero f- about it. I'm trying to arrange my thoughts before talking to her. I hope I don't end up hitting her. I'm nearly bursting out."

The mum then updated the Reddit post after meeting up with her friend, saying: "She said that she tried everything in the past and nothing worked except for her breasts, which were the only things that calmed her down, so she just did what she always had done. I literally couldn't believe it."

The mum called her 'insane' and has since blocked all contact from her.

Users who commented on the post called the situation 'super disturbing' and said they'd 'be livid as well'.

Another wrote: "This is wrong and vile."

Others did also advise checking in on the mental health of her now former friend, as well as filing for a police report.

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