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Woman Shares 'Mouth Taping' Hack For The 'Deepest Sleep You'll Ever Experience'

Woman Shares 'Mouth Taping' Hack For The 'Deepest Sleep You'll Ever Experience'

Would you try this?

A woman has shared the perfect hack for a great nights' sleep with her TikTok followers, and people are raving about it already.

Demonstrating the trick worked, TikTok user @lexfiish insisted that "mouth taping" would result in "the deepest sleep you will ever experience."

We're sold already!

Watch the video here.

There are lots of benefits to mouth taping because it encourages nose breathing in our sleep.

The practice is said to treat snoring, bad breath, excessive thirst, and fatigue - to name a few!

In the video, the TikTok creator takes a strip of tape and tells her viewers: "It prevents you mouth-breathing all night. You're going to get the deepest sleep you'll ever experience.

"It's a little bit uncomfortable at first, and you do have to get used to it, but try it out."

Viewers who were familiar with mouth-taping couldn't speak highly enough of it, with some even claiming that it had changed their lives.

Mouth-taping prevents you from mouth-breathing in your sleep. (

One user commented: "This has changed my life. No more snoring, mouth breathing, or congestion."

Another wrote: "This is the single most life changing thing I've ever learned from TikTok. I've been doing this every night for 6mos. Can't sleep w/out it now."

Despite the rave reviews some people not on board, and commented that they were terrified of blocking an air passage while they're asleep.

"Intrigued but also afraid that if my nose gets stuffy in my sleep that I won't wake up..." commented one viewer.

"Deepest sleep bc I'll be dead," said another.

The original video creator @lexfiish replied in the comments to ease their fears, writing: "YALL! It does not completely seal your lips & breath can still pass through your mouth, The tape isn't crazy strong!"

People who had tried mouth taping had only good things to say about it.(

According to, mouth taping should only be attempted with a porous tape that's appropriate for human skin. Duct tape, scotch tape, or any other tapes could be harmful and cause irritation.

To safely use mouth tape, it's important to try out the mouth strips during the day.

The sleep information site also noted that the benefits of mouth taping have been largely anecdotal, though a study has already found that the practice can help people with obstructive sleep apnea and prevent snoring.

If you have difficulty breathing through your nose due to allergies, nasal polyps, or another reason, you should avoid mouth taping.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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