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Love Island's Jessie Wynter rushed to hospital after her drink was spiked

Love Island's Jessie Wynter rushed to hospital after her drink was spiked

The terrifying incident happened whilst Jessie Wynter was on holiday with her boyfriend and Love Island co-star Will Young.

Trigger warning: This article contains descriptions of drink spiking

Jessie Wynter has been rushed to hospital after the Love Island contestant had her drink spiked while on a night out.

The 26-year-old bravely spoke about being spiked on social media, sharing a photo of herself after receiving treatment.

During the lengthy post, she also thanked boyfriend Will Young for taking care of her during the terrifying incident.

The Love Island couple had been on holiday in Chicago, with the pair exploring the US city’s nightlife together.

As she reflected on the night out, the personal trainer said she felt ‘heart-broken’ and ‘embarrassed’ after the incident.

Jessie Wynter and boyfriend Will Young had been on holiday in Chicago when the incident happened.

“I should post this as I felt so embarrassed but the other night I was unfortunately rushed to hospital after my drink was spiked,” she wrote.

“I was so lucky that I was with Will and he looked after me throughout the whole time especially because it was so scary.”

Wynter, however, shouldn’t blame herself as several women have also been drugged with the same substance in the area - with some of them even sharing a warning with the TV personality.

She added: ”It was such an awful and scary situation to be in and it breaks my heart that this is something people need to look out for.“

Later in the Instagram post, she shared several tips for how to stay safe – hoping that none of her 912,000 followers would experience the same situation.

“If you’re out drinking please always make sure you’re with someone who you trust and please be careful when sitting your drinks down or accepting drinks off others,” she told fans.

“It’s so sad that this even has to be a reminder but unfortunately it’s the harsh reality.”

Jessie bravely shared her experience on social media.

Wynter also thank the ‘many supportive people’ who helped her, including those who got her safely to the hospital as well as nurses.

Despite this, Wynter had been nervous to speak up about the incident – feeling as if she could have prevented what happened.

“I felt so embarrassed that this had happened to me and felt like this was all my fault and I can imagine others have been in the same position may feel the same but this is your reminder that this is not at all your fault and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” she pointedly wrote, “The people that should feel embarrassed and ashamed are the awful people who choose to spike other peoples drinks, not the victim.”

Her story is similar to thousands of women’s across the UK – with the Office for National Statistics estimating that nearly 5,000 people had their drinks spiked between 2021 and 2022 alone.

For support or advice, contact Spike Aware UK on 08 08 16 89 111 or via their website:

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jessiereneewynter

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