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Love Island's Jess Hayes' Warning After Nail Infection

Love Island's Jess Hayes' Warning After Nail Infection

We're wishing Jess a speedy recovery!

Former Love Island star Jessica Hayes has taken to Instagram this weekend to warn others after suffering from a severe infection following a nail appointment.

Jess, who appeared in the first season of the show back in 2015, posted on Instagram from her hospital room, after needing medical attention for the infection which had become so severe, it had spread up her arm.

You can watch a clip of Jess discussing what had happened below:

Poor Jess explained after having her acrylic nails done, she started experiencing soreness and swelling around the cuticle of one of her fingers. After a week, she could barely move her arm from the pain.

The reality star, 28, has warned her followers to be extra vigilant and seek medical attention if they notice redness, swelling or tightness around their nails. Jess also revealed she had been suffering from chills and sickness before she was admitted into hospital.

She later revealed that she'd already had messages from people in a similar situation, who had decided to seek medical attention after learning of her experience.

Jess explained she was in hospital due to a nail infection (
Jessica Hayes/Instagram)

Appearing on her Instagram Stories, Jess revealed how doctors had marked her arm in pen, to track whether the infection was still spreading upwards.

Posting an update on Sunday, the Love Islander explained that doctors had given her the choice between waiting to see if there were any further improvements over the course of 24 hours, or having her entire nail removed to "get to the root of the infection".

On Monday, Jess told followers she had been allowed home, on antibiotics, but must return for a check up in a few days.

Jess explained she had recently had a nail appointment (

An infection of the fingernail or toenail is also known as a paronychia, which often starts with swelling and redness around the base or the sides of the nail. It can sometimes occur after biting, chewing, or picking at the nails and pus-filled pockets can also form around the cuticle.

Tyla chatted to nail artist, Rebecca McDonald of @cutiecles.x nail salon who explained how it can happen.

"I'm not a medical professional, but based on my own experience as a nail artist, this kind of infection can be really common in some salons - mainly because they lack proper hygiene," says Rebecca.

"Tools should be washed and sterilised after every client and when working on the cuticle area it’s really important to only nip dead cuticle tissue not living tissue.

"If any nicks occur then you are essentially opening up the chance for infection. If you do see any redness or swelling around the nail it could be a sign of infection - also known as paronychia. I'd recommend seeking medical attention as soon as possible, to avoid a situation like Jessica's."

Jess explained she's now allowed home (
Jessica Hayes/Instagram)

The NHS advise seeking medical advice if the skin becomes sore, red, swollen or warm. If you have any concerns following a nail appointment, it's vital that you seek the advice of a doctor.

We're wishing Jess a speedy recovery!

Featured Image Credit: Jessica Hayes/Instagram

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