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Simple Honey Hack Could Cure Hay Fever Symptoms, Says Expert

Simple Honey Hack Could Cure Hay Fever Symptoms, Says Expert

What are the chances!

With hay fever season well and truly underway, plenty of us are already searching high and low for a way to keep that pesky pollen at bay.

We've heard it all from slathering your nose with Vaseline to kicking dairy products to the curb, but the easiest remedy of all may have been hiding under our noses this entire time (pardon the pun).

According to one expert, eating a spoon of honey every day could be just the trick for your itchy eyes and runny nose.

There may be a simple cure for hay fever in your kitchen cupboard. (

Speaking to Tyla, Parvinder Sagoo, lead pharmacist and health advisor for SimplyMedsOnline explained that the bee pollen in our honey could be a perfect natural remedy for hay fever. Who would have thought?

He said: "The bee pollen in honey desensitises your body to other pollen, so increasing your daily honey intake may help a person become less sensitive to pollen. As a result you may experience fewer seasonal allergy symptoms."

If you want to try it out for yourself, Parvinder recommends "having a spoonful or two per day" as part of your diet.

"You could add it to your breakfast porridge, granola or you can even stir it into a mug of hot water and create a hot honey drink, you may want to also add lemon and ginger for extra immunity benefits."

The pollen in honey could desensitise our body to other pollen. (

While honey is considered a natural hack to tackle hay fever, Mr Sagoo urged that the best preventative for hay fever is always antihistamines.

He said: "Prevention is better than cure, and antihistamines are your best bet when it comes to preventing symptoms before they occur, as most often once pollen has made its way into your nasal passage or mouth it's difficult to prevent symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing or itchy eyes, so it's best to take treatment an hour or so before you leave the house."

In other hay fever news, another expert has claimed that those who suffer from the seasonal allergy should avoid breathing through their mouths at all costs.

Taking antihistamines is the best way to treat hay fever. (

Although hay fever symptoms can make breathing through the nose a little bit tricky, Abbas Kanani, pharmacist and medical advisor for Chemist Click explained that it's worth investing in a nasal spray to make sure that we don't resort to mouth-breathing.

You can read more about that here.

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