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Woman says she nearly died after severe allergic reaction to hair dye

Woman says she nearly died after severe allergic reaction to hair dye

Jordan is urging everyone to get a patch test before using hair dye.

A woman says she almost died after an allergic reaction to hair dye.

Jordan Blignaut, 20, from South Africa, was left in 'excruciating' pain when she visited the hairdresser's back in November 2021, switching her blonde hair to brown.

A woman says she almost died after an allergic reaction to hair dye.
Jam Press

Within four hours of the appointment, Jordan noticed bright red, itchy swelling on her scalp, which progressed into her entire face swelling up.

Her chest went tight and she was unable to drink, eat and struggled to breathe. Jordan was rushed to hospital where doctors worked to save her life.

"I honestly thought I might die, which made me anxious and emotionally stressed and upset because I thought this could be my last day alive," Jordan told NeedToKnow.Online.

"Everyone was so worried about me and shed a few tears too. My sisters and I are really close and they are young, so thinking that I was about to die made me extremely depressed not knowing if I was going to see them grow up and be there for them through the rest of their life.

"I physically wasn’t able to walk, lie down, sit up, I couldn’t do anything. Feeling and being so close to dying left a terrible emotional state on me."

Jordan says she hadn't had a severe reaction before.
Jam Press

While in hospital, Jordan was placed on numerous drips and antibiotics to help ease the pain. She was also placed on a heart monitor and given oxygen to help her breathe.

"I was rushed to the ER and was code red, I felt so faint my dad had to help me walk until I got put into a bed," she says.

"Nothing helped the pain I was in. Going through the hospital I felt so embarrassed because everyone was just staring at me and all I had was tears rolling down my face."

It took 14 days for the swelling – which spread to her whole body – to fully go down.

Jordan is urging everyone to get a patch test.
Jam Press

Jordan explains she was so shocked by the reaction, after having previously dyed her hair before, with no issues.

"During the actual hair appointment, I felt relaxed and it was a calm environment," she says.

"They [staff] were all very nice to me. I didn’t speak to them after the reaction as I knew I had sensitive skin but I didn’t think I would have an anaphylactic attack and blow up.

"I went through so much trauma during the reaction and hospital stay that I just wanted to leave it all behind me and move on from the situation.

"I’ve done blonde highlights twice before but never reacted besides having an itchy scalp, so it was a massive shock to see me blow up especially during the treatment of dyeing my hair dark, I felt no itch, pain or discomfort.

"To everyone out there, if you have sensitive skin, or just in general, please always do a test patch before any dye goes on your head."

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