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Drunk Woman Accidentally Orders World's Biggest Pizza Delivery

Drunk Woman Accidentally Orders World's Biggest Pizza Delivery

A drunk woman accidentally ordered a huge number of pizzas for her and her friend - and the footage is hilarious.

Forget booze, lots of people would argue that snack time after clubbing or partying is actually the highlight of the entire night.

While some people opt for fast food like a kebab, nothing beats a good old-fashioned pizza.

However one woman on TikTok got a lot more than she bargained for following a night of festivities; she accidentally ordered a load of pizzas for her and a friend - and the drunken footage is absolutely hysterical.

Watch the clip below:

The hilarious TikTok video, posted by Sammy Goddard, features her friend who asks her for assistance to carry the load of pizzas upstairs to their room.

"I can't carry these pizzas... please. Please," she says, as she leads her friend downstairs.

How big could the order be, you ask? Well, as Sammy turns the corner we then see a huge stack of pizza boxes all for the pair of friends, who just came back from Ministry of Sound.

Sammy's friend ordered 20 pizzas (

Sammy's friend attempts to pick up half the boxes as they both chuckle.

"She ordered 20 pizzas!" Sammy says in disbelief.

The follow-up TikTok video includes a screenshot of the receipt for their massive order, totalling a whopping £159.09.

Sammy couldn't believe her friend had ordered so many pizzas (

“Well that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted,” one TikTok user joked in the comments section.

Other TikTokers shared their similar food faux pas, one person said: “Reminds me of the time when me and my friend ordered a takeaway and had 17 kebabs delivered.”

Another person quipped: “Did you get a free garlic bread for spending over a tenner.”

While a third person shared: “I would honestly pass away from laughing hahahahahaha.”

And a fourth theorised: “Hahaha did she not think, my my what an expensive pizza?! The driver must have been well confused when just her answered the door.”

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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