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You've Been Making Scrambled Eggs All Wrong

You've Been Making Scrambled Eggs All Wrong

Microwaved eggs? You've got to be yolking.

A wise man once sang, 'I don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs'. We think it's because he secretly knew we'd been making them wrong all this time.

Quickly whipping up scrambled eggs in the microwave has become a student staple - cheap and cheerful with little-to-no effort required. That being said, you can't really beat a creamy, silky scrambled egg sitting on top of a piece of sourdough toast, can you?

Thankfully, celebrity chef Dan Churchill has showed his followers how to make a restaurant-quality breakfast at home. Trust us, this is the ultimate egg hack.

So, how exactly do you make the perfect plate of scrambled eggs?

According to Dan, the first thing you need to watch out for is the heat of your pan. If the gas is turned up to 11, your pan is way too hot. 'Keep your pan at a medium-to-high heat so you can control cooking your eggs evenly', he wrote.

As well as keeping the heat to medium, you need to be constantly stirring those eggs. Layering is really important for the texture of the eggs and cooking each one evenly. In order to do this, you need to 'slide your spatula towards you and tilt the pan back to allow the wet [mix] to fall onto the cooked surfaces'.

Slightly undercooking the eggs is key - taking the pan off the heat doesn't instantly stop the mixture from cooking. You want to plate up at the perfect time!

The egg connoisseur claims that these tips and tricks are key to achieving a 'soft and layered' egg, as opposed to a 'dry and over-cooked' plate of disappointment.

Silky, smooth scrambled eggs - or overcooked? Hmm. Hard choice. [

It's pretty safe to say that Instagram users were impressed. One user even went as far as to propose - before clarifying that she meant the eggs, not Dan. Another user branded the dish 'five star delish'.

Despite the overwhelming love for the meal, some commenters debated whether the chef actually just presented us with another very lush-looking egg dish. "Looks like an omelette", one said.

Frankly, the way Dan dipped that bread in the oil before frying it up made us want to propose to him ourselves!

These hacks will give a boost to your usual breakfast. [

Whether scrambled egg or omelette, we can all agree that this plate looks absolutely delicious. Bon appetit!

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Unsplash

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