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People are losing it over nan’s brutal reaction to daughter’s ‘messy dinner’

People are losing it over nan’s brutal reaction to daughter’s ‘messy dinner’

She couldn't believe what was happening.

If you've been anywhere near the internet recently, chances are that you've heard about messy dinners.

The clue is very much in the dinner name and the concept involves a messy meal that comes with almost no clean up, as it's served on a plastic sheet that can be easily removed and binned after use.

Bit for one gran, the viral concept was a bit much for her to handle, and she had a hilariously brutal reaction when her daughter served up a 'messy dinner'.

It was captured on camera for the internet to enjoy, and despite being posted just two days ago (30 November), it's already been viewed almost eight million times.

The video begins with the gran waiting patiently for her meal, and she asks why the table is wrapped up.

Her daughter then informs her that it's to keep the table clean, which satisfies her, and she then offers to set the table as the food is prepared.

This request is turned down and the gran is given some implements to toss the pasta.

The first sign that this isn't quite a normal dinner is the bread, which is simply placed on the table.

This is then followed by the pasta itself, which is poured onto the wrap, much to the gran's horror, as she repeatedly says: "What the f**k."

"Don't you believe in bowls?" she asks, totally baffled.

She was absolutely horrified by the lack of bowls.
TikTok / @grannysoffherrocker

"Oh my God," she continues as the toppings are placed on the pasta. "Are you serious?"

She's eventually left totally open-mouthed, saying: "This is ridiculous."

The gran then questions her daughter about where she got the idea for the messy dinner, and she jokes that she gave her the idea in the first place.

"That's how you always served dinner," she jokes. "You actually used to put it on the floor."

At this point, the gran can't contain herself and bursts out laughing.

Needless to say, viewers were left in stitches by the footage.

"Yalllll be stressing her outtttt [sic]," joked one viewer alongside a laughing emoji.

"Where'd you learn this from? NOT FROM ME!" quoted second amused viewer.

"This granny speaks my language," added a third while a fourth wrote: "Omg the look on her face!!! I love it!!! [sic]"

A fifth revealed: "In Philippines we called it 'boodle fight'. We eat food with hands [sic]."

"She knew it was sus when she seen the saran wrap hahahaha [sic]," joked a sixth.

Have you ever tried a messy dinner?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@grannysoffherrocker

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