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Tyla Bakes: People Are Going Mad For This One-Slice Toastie Recipe

Tyla Bakes: People Are Going Mad For This One-Slice Toastie Recipe

Easy and delicious, the perfect combination.

TikTok is back with another easy food hack that will blow your minds.

We all love a good toastie right? But sometimes its not the worth the hassle of getting the toastie maker out, preparing the sandwich etc.

TikTok user FoodMadeSimple has now found a way to make a taste with just one slice of bread, eliminating the issue of not having enough cheese or filling in the corners of the sandwich.

In the video, the user takes a slice of bread – any sliced bread will do, whether you're a white bread of a 50/50 kind of person – and presses down the centre so it's flat.

You'll know how to do it, just the way you'd press together your ham sandwiches at school.

The user then toasts the bead, takes two eggs and uses a fork to blend them, and then they transfer the piece of bread to a baking tray.

This toastie includes eggs, bacon, and cheese. (

You can then put any filling you want in the bread, where pressing it down earlier will have made a space for it. The TikTok user puts bacon, spring onion, and grated cheese, and then they pour the egg mixture over the top.

Be careful that the egg mixture doesn't overflow too much – a little is okay but otherwise it'll essentially turn into scrambled eggs.

Put some more grated cheese on top if you like cheese as much as we do, and then put it into the oven until it's crispy and golden, with the cheese melted fully.

The final product resembles a quiche-like or tortilla-type dish but it is a great and easy alternative to the classic cheese toastie.

It may look more like a quiche than a toastie. (

FoodMadeSimple on TikTok posts a number of easy food hacks that will make whipping something up for your work-from-home lunch or dinner after a long commute so enjoyable that you won't hate it.

Featured Image Credit: Daria Nepriakhin/Unsplash

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