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People Are Making Nutella French Toast Rolls They Look Insane

People Are Making Nutella French Toast Rolls They Look Insane

Your weekend breakfast is served.

Just when you think French toast couldn’t get any better…people are now making Nutella French toast.

This looks as naughty as it sounds.

Food blogger Fitwaffle has shared her recipe on how to make the chocolately treat on TikTok, and it’s surprisingly simple to knock together.

Firstly, get six slices of bread (you can choose white or wholemeal, but white will probably work best) and cut off the crusts.

Then spread between three to five tablespoons of Nutella over the bread, and make sandwiches with them.

Next up, turn your bread until it’s landscape, and cut it into three equal portions – this is an optional step, as it simply makes them easier to dip into anything you choose to pair your French toast with!

Put the bread to one side, and grab your mixing bowl.

Crack two medium size eggs into the bowl and add 60ml of milk, as well as one teaspoon of vanilla essence – whisk together until the mixture is evenly combined.

Dip your newly cut mini chocolate sandwiches into the mix until they’re fully covered but not drenched – you can wipe off any excess mix.

Then, grab a pan and melt some butter in a low heat, and lightly and evenly toast both sides of your chocolate batons.

Again putting your chocolate batons to one side, grab another mixing bowl and combine three tablespoons of sugar and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Coat the batons in the mix…and breakfast is served.

You can dip your Nutella French toast into more Nutella as a dip, or you could add a little whipped cream or even vanilla ice cream if you fancy being particularly indulgent.

The French toast batons are perfect for dipping (
TikTok - fitwaffle)

The recipe works on speculoos too, so any Biscoff fans can swap out Nutella for their tasty spread if they so wish.

We cannot wait to give these a go…

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - veganskunivers/TikTok - fitwaffle

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